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Thursday, January 31, 2013
A Winter Tail by Valhalrion
A Winter Tail by *Valhalrion

Featured by STelari
Nothing left by ShesAllFuckedUp
With an unexpected combination of tools and circumstance, Nothing left by ~ShesAllFuckedUp is a haunting image created with a 'toy' camera by an artist with vision.

Suggested by DpressedSoul Featured by RockstarVanity
no title by morgondotter
no title by *morgondotter is a notable abstraction with an absorbing oneiric narrative; a martime aesthetic that captures the imagination.

Suggested by ParallelDeviant Featured by arctoa
Light and shadows by DacsMayn
The monochrome in Light and shadows certainly accentuates the light and shadows within this awesome photograph. *DacsMayn has captured herself magnificently here with the abstract nature of the lines adding further effect, making it a very profound piece overall.

Featured by 3wyl
Elza the Possessed Child by VeronikaLozovaya
Elza the Possessed Child by ~VeronikaLozovaya
From the hair to the shoelaces, this creature is startlingly credible, to the point where I would probably run away if I met her in the streets; despite her sad adorable eyes she remains extremely creepy.

Featured by maytel
First Bloom's Wish by Miisu
The suggester said: "First Bloom's Wish by =Miisu jumped out at me with the simple shapes but beautiful colours mixed with great technique."

Suggested by PolyMune Featured by rydi1689
Mass Ferret poster by Amales
Mermaid Lamnidae by ~DavidGaillet. How can you not appreciate the amount of detail and imagination that went into this piece! From the sleek, vivacious body to the wet wrinkles on an old fisherman's jacket. The expression on the fisherman's faces leads you to wonder did they know what they where fishing for? Or was this something new? Maybe not their idea of a mermaid.

Featured by KovoWolf
Curiosity killed the cat by tomape
Curiosity killed the cat by ~tomape Also suggested by =rioIu

Suggested by milyKnight Featured by RadicalLizard
Magnus Ignis/TiranoRider by isamegu
The artist never fails us in presenting many beautiful artworks with gorgeous details and amazing painting style and Magnus Ignis/TiranoRider by ~isamegu is definitely not an exception as this is really, really beautiful! Suggested by MANY deviants.

Featured by jcroxas
Beauty of Nature - Free Avvie by r0se-designs
A whimsical little scene skillfully contained in this free avatar.
Beauty of Nature - Free Avvie by =r0se-designs

Featured by ValaSedai
Ziaat by =f-ix

Featured by SaTaNiA
ANGEL by AbdonJRomero
ANGEL by ~AbdonJRomero

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by SRudy
Fire blower II by ehabm
Fire blower II by ~ehabm

Featured by xbastex
Team Exhibition 2 by Namh
Team Exhibition 2 by *Namh

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by Lyricanna
Plamen Animated by griffsnuff
You can see the effort =griffsnuff has put into Plamen Animated. The animation is so smooth and the idea for the character is amazing as well.

Suggested by mikkiangel Featured by SqueakyToybox
NIKITA by ~Philgoude The suggester says, "B&W plus simplicity are the keys for a different perception of a classic pose."

Suggested by CGiraldez Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Flying car by KhaledPhotography
Flying car by ~KhaledPhotography is a brilliant transportation capture made even better with the absence of colour.

Featured by Kaz-D
Gift: The Fox and The Maiden by Edenized
This artist's work is always full of gorgeous detail and wonderful concepts. This one is not just a well developed piece full of details but also a piece with a meaningful concept. All those details catches your eye and you can stare at it forever and never get tired. The hard work and talent of this artist deserves to be recognized.
Gift: The Fox and The Maiden by *Edenized

Suggested by CaptainPissOff Featured by Thiefoworld
Edwardian Grandmama by Rythea
Edwardian Grandmama by *Rythea is an incredible example of how far a portrait base can go. This elegant doll has such soft shading, perfect for that gentle, elderly woman feel. All the small details of it begin to make us create a story for her, and make it seem so much more than just a doll.

Suggested by BlackfyreValyrian Featured by IridescentStardust
Polymer Clay Open Book Charm Tutorial by AliatheGhoul
Son of the Demon by axlsalles
Son of the Demon by ~axlsalles

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Featured by bradleysays