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Sunday, January 27, 2013
The Journey Begins by daniellieske
The Journey Begins by *daniellieske

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Featured by bradleysays
Steampunk Romance by Deltamike
Steampunk Romance by =Deltamike, also suggested by =Sandra-Cristhina, *Rae777, =MachiavelliCro, and `Minato-Kushina

Suggested by Dani-Owergoor Featured by Aeirmid
Why I Quit DeviantART.... by yarjor
Why I Quit DeviantART.... by ~yarjor. Anyone who has been on deviantART for a while can relate to this emote.

Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter
The Tale of Selviya and Anto 'Fairy Tale Wedding' by papercaptain
Suggester says: "This piece is so warm and loving, it in a way reminds me of the love story in the movie UP but with a happy ending. Just seeing the above snippets of the story makes me want to read the whole one - it just can't be anything that amazing." The Tale of Selviya and Anto 'Fairy Tale Wedding' by *papercaptain

Suggested by petrova Featured by RadicalLizard
Folding Worship by timemit
Folding Worship by *timemit

Suggested by LaraBLN Featured by SaTaNiA
acqua alta by Reluin
Suggested by several deviants.

acqua alta by *Reluin

Featured by Thiefoworld
Simple by Nikolakis-Hector
Simple by *Nikolakis-Hector is a beautiful interior photograph that with its minimalist composition, rough texture, thoughtful framing, delicate contrast of colour, and elongate shadows, becomes almost like a surrealist Dalžesque painting.

Suggested by StephanosB Featured by AnaNaszynska
STOCK - I Love Coffee On the Floor by LaLunatique
[Stock and Resources] Lovely stock from an all-around great artist! Be sure to check out the rest of her gallery! STOCK - I Love Coffee On the Floor by *LaLunatique

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Stairs by Lupardus-lu
Stairs by ~Lupardus-lu is an amazing urban find. There is a magnificent state of grandeur in a dilapidated sense that makes this particular place so intriguing, alongside the awesome spiral of the staircase itself.

Suggested by RJW-Photo Featured by 3wyl
Twilight Zone Moments by Salemburn
La Magia by GraffMX
La Magia by ~GraffMX

Suggested by GreenaGene Featured by kiwi-pdd
Sees You by Cradlesin
Sees You by ~Cradlesin

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by Lyricanna
Fear of Change by LevAni11
With a striking contrast of cold structure and unfocused human form, Fear of Change by ~LevAni11 is a powerful tangle of shape with a dark, personal narrative.

Featured by arctoa
Nerdy Pin Up! by Kiara-Ann
The colours on this just pop! So vibrant!
Nerdy Pin Up! by ~Kiara-Ann

Featured by DistortedSmile
My secret world by OmegaLioness
My secret world by *OmegaLioness

Suggested by xRuby1234x Featured by KovoWolf
maintenance by Ben-Andrews
breath taking maintenance by ~Ben-Andrews

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by PolyMune
The First of Autumn by myhilary
The First of Autumn reminds me of the days when it felt like the world was ending because it was time to go back to school but then you'd meet with all your friends and suddenly everything seemed to be so fine. *myhilary magnificiently portrayed it through the different expressions and the autumnal colour scheme, lifting up my spirits with its cheerful mood!

Featured by rydi1689
Drawn Together by dragon-shark
The suggester states, "The concept alone in Drawn Together by =dragon-shark is adorable. The collaboration of traditional media and photography, as well as 2D-meets-3D, is very well executed. The character interaction is nicely done and the characters themselves are relate-able. All in all, it makes for a great sequential narrative short." Also suggested by ~AmazingDX

Suggested by A-C-L Featured by jcroxas
Bubble Reflection Tutorial by FireFlyExposed
Bubble Reflection Tutorial by *FireFlyExposed is a very useful tutorial on making unique bubbles for your work.

Featured by Elandria
House Call (large version) by NeverRider
The suggester said: There is so much to see in this drawing! House Call (large version) by ~NeverRider

Suggested by wezenbeesje Featured by Astralseed
Royal Rainbow by PeterJCoskun
Sarah-grey icon by Glad-Sad
It takes a great deal of skill to create a fur texture of this quality on a canvas this size. Topped with perfect use of space this work represents an excellent avatar. Sarah-grey icon by ~Glad-Sad

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by ValaSedai
Someone's Nightmare by Tamakin
The suggester describes Someone's Nightmare by *Tamakin as "an absolutely stunning piece of work". Check out that amazing detail!

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by RockstarVanity