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Saturday, January 26, 2013
...:::WiTcH:::... by RoUgEmIe
...:::WiTcH:::... by *RoUgEmIe's muted colours and dynamic shapes make this an absolutely enthralling artwork! Suggested by many.

Featured by rydi1689
8 Ball by ~fraughtuk
This piece of film really touches on a common human desire. Fantastic concept and shot beautifully!

Suggested by burytheorchids Featured by kingmancheng
You May Kiss the Bride by Kyofuu
The suggester says, "Love everything about this photo: the composition, the colors, the light, the veil's movement... really awesome!"

You May Kiss the Bride by ~Kyofuu

Suggested by Laurelin-CosPlay Featured by 3wyl
Magic by magnusti78
Magic by ~magnusti78
Suggester words:" It reminds me on the first blossoms at the dawn of spring when the air is still crisp and clear yet you can already smell and the the first signs of spring"

Suggested by Nameda Featured by SaTaNiA
Out of sight by mebilia
Out of sight by *mebilia delves deep beyond the figurative and evokes a contemplative narrative with a calming combination of shapes and tonal transitions.

Suggested by fallowfrenzy Featured by arctoa
Millenium Falcon Papercraft_Final_01 by Ohnhai
Millenium Falcon Papercraft_Final_01 by *Ohnhai The suggester writes: "A really nice papercraft. Look at all the tiny detaills made out of paper - amazing work!"

Suggested by TaNa-Jo Featured by maytel
Diabolique by GLAMICON-NET
Intriguing styling and evocative posing.
Diabolique by ~GLAMICON-NET

Featured by DistortedSmile
Caterpillar by FireStorm101
[Stock and Resources] A great shot of a creepy crawly, ready for use in your art! Caterpillar by ~FireStorm101

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
High Flyers iPad app by xyphid
the suggester wrote "Who could resist the fun feeling presented here? The bright colors and textures make you wonder if you are looking at clay." High Flyers iPad app by ~xyphid

Suggested by ThornZfire Featured by PolyMune
N O   R E T U R N by seicke
N O R E T U R N by ~seicke is a landscape in a nightmare to twist the mind and delight the eyes.

Suggested by DpressedSoul Featured by RockstarVanity
All that glitters 1 by deRaat
All that glitters 1 by *deRaat

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by SRudy
mech by janaschi
mech by `janaschi

Suggested by lintu47 Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Ephemeral by aimo
Ephemeral by *aimo is a tale of lost love--perhaps the worst kind of loss.

Featured by JZLobo
Accurate Prophecy - Found Poetry by Flutingspirit
Enjoy ~Flutingspirit's twist on the source material in Accurate Prophecy - Found Poetry.

Featured by neurotype
Gods by BurenErdene
Gods by *Daldbaatar

Suggested by natteregn Featured by Thiefoworld
Bali by Hengki24
Bali by *Hengki24

Suggested by Goodnight-Melbourne Featured by xbastex
Destination by Robinexile
Destination by ~Robinexile
The suggester said: "I love the atmosphere and the whole scenery is just majestic!"

Suggested by uchuubranko Featured by sTiViA
Ruin by the sea by Queenselphie
[Stock & Resources] Ruin by the sea by ~Queenselphie

Featured by Elandria
Wire bonsai tree with contorted trunk by KenToArt
The suggester said: "This is a really exquisite artwork. The way the bonsai is shaped and twisted makes the tree so much more interesting to look at." Wire bonsai tree with contorted trunk by ~nanobonsai. Also suggested by `SavageFrog and `lintu47.

Suggested by Xenaleena Featured by Talty
Gothic R by zeugi
Gothic R by ~zeugi Be sure to check out the rest of this deviants gallery. Some mad skills being put to use throughout.

Featured by kiwi-pdd
Moth and the Flame 2 by StressedJenny
*StressedJenny is definitely a star in cute and creative character designs! And with Moth and the Flame 2 as her ongoing comic, you'll see yourself hoping that she will upload new pages soon as the comic itself is filled with distinct emotions and very warm feelings from the very cute characters.

Featured by jcroxas
Blu new icon by BubblyBlu
Suggester Comment: 'A gorgeous avatar representing this artist's original character. The beautiful colors and slight animation are charming & skillfully created. (also suggested by *Andersiano) Blu new icon by =Reika-neko-chan

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by ValaSedai
Fangorn by ullakko
Fangorn by =ullakko

Featured by Lyricanna
KANGAROO ATTACK111 by shiroin
KANGAROO ATTACK111 by *shiroin

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Dexter: Dark passenger crosses the line by imlineking
A chaotic style of rendering in vector is very apt for an illustration of Dexter Morgan. Wonderfully done: Dexter: Dark passenger crosses the line by ~imlineking

Featured by ChewedKandi
Aztec by AmandaDrage
The suggester said: That's one plain amazing drawing full of detail and nearly photorealistic Aztec by *AmandaDrage

Suggested by Nameda Featured by Astralseed