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Friday, January 25, 2013
The Night Before Christmas by Aeonoel
lethal white by edelias
lethal white by ~edelias

Featured by SRudy
backstage by mijama
This shot has a peaceful and calm feeling to it, despite all the different things going on in it. A private moment between a model and her photographer.
backstage by ~mijama

Featured by DistortedSmile
Desire by Myst-A
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart... ~Myst-A gracefully portrays the essence of giving in to temptation through its minimalist composition and the limited colour palette, making Desire be as enticing as ever!

Suggested by megounette Featured by rydi1689
Untitled by Xephyr26
Untitled by ~Xephyr26

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by sTiViA
Down the Drain by ~Vynlorin takes the ordinary and writes it in an extraordinary fashion.

Featured by Nichrysalis
Draft Horse Lines - Shire by ElaineSeleneStock
A lovely clean lineart free for you to use! Draft Horse Lines - Shire by =ElaineSeleneStock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Sailing by VicEberly
Sailing by *VicEberly

Suggested by fraterchaos Featured by SaTaNiA
SWAT.2 by Taxer-Jinn
really cool 3d police model, awesome details SWAT.2 by ~Taxer-Jinn

Featured by PolyMune
Self Portrait 2012 Summer 1 by Adam-Nowak
Noble rabbit...again by Terribilus
Noble rabbit...again by ~Terribilus has such astonishing detail it really puts you into this piece. Making you feel a part of it! Such breathtaking detail and imagination that went into this piece!

Featured by KovoWolf
Contact by yigitkoroglu
Lilianne stock 1 by Kuoma-stock
[Stock & Resources] Lilianne stock 1 by *Kuoma-stock

Suggested by TehAngelsCry Featured by Elandria
portrait by AskelaSakrech
portrait by ~AskelaSakrech Deviant featured is the model.

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Double hat by Lugenboy
Double hat is a photograph of excellent timing, the colours well-muted so that we really focus on the shape created. There is a good sense of balance that ~Lugenboy conveys to us even when the fluidity of things makes it feel the complete opposite.

Suggested by MarcosRodriguez Featured by 3wyl
Brise Soleil by SunsetSam
Brise Soleil by ~SunsetSam is an accomplished architectural abstraction with an engaging pattern of shapes throughout.

Featured by arctoa
Jedi Ariel by pushfighter
The suggester states that "Jedi Ariel by *pushfighter is a truly epic crossover. And maybe if we all give it some love, Disney will sit up and listen?" Be sure to check out the artist's gallery to see more amazing illustrations! You'll definitely love his gallery.

Suggested by TheDorsai Featured by jcroxas
Battle fragment by gugu-troll
Battle fragment by ~gugu-troll

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
tehe by love-dimitra
Someone's curious! tehe by ~love-dimitra is tasty slice of fish-eye goodness.

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by RockstarVanity
Vorpal Blade by Kazekyn
Vorpal Blade by ~dark-kazekyn is carefully sculpted and carved, it's hard to believe it's not real metal!

Featured by Talty
Anura by surika
With a lovely composition and minimal colors, Anura by ~surika is an exceptional piece.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by Astralseed
ooak micro miniature winnie the pooh jointed bear by tweebears
ooak micro miniature winnie the pooh jointed bear by ~tweebears The suggester writes:"Totally cute, detailed, and posable?! Plain Awesome!"

Suggested by Nameda Featured by maytel
Resk 2 wood by unamedplayer
Resk 2 wood by ~unamedplayer "Really nice style and use of color."

Suggested by DoseOner Featured by kiwi-pdd
Pillow Memories by =Sandstar12 a simple image prompt creates an emotive and heartfelt flash fiction.

Featured by BeccaJS
Be The Leaf Bumi! by ^Katara-Alchemist and *GAGBAGCHEN
One of the best things about stop motion animation is, you can basically bring anything to life. This collaborative piece reflects just that, fantastic concept!

Featured by kingmancheng