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Monday, January 21, 2013
The Mask by Dziro--kun
The Mask by ~Dziro--kun

Suggested by Marivel87 Featured by pullingcandy
strawberry milk II by elninomutante
The timing in strawberry milk II is simply excellent. Coupled with the splatters, it produces the profound effect that makes this piece extraordinary. Every executional feature that one could comment about this piece is well done, emphasising that ~elninomutante has some awesome skills indeed.

Featured by 3wyl
Mandelbrot 57 - Original Intention - by Olbaid-ST
tree creature by digital-fantasy
tree creature by ~meisl

Suggested by spring-sky Featured by Thiefoworld
Virtual Cat Concepts by bonify
very cute and adorable artwork for a very fun game. Try it, you may like it Virtual Cat Concepts by ~bonify

Featured by PolyMune
Rope by *NicoleNudes The lines of her figure as they're used to create the composition in this image are absolutely stunning.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Hide by Hide-One
Hide by ~Hide-One

Featured by kiwi-pdd
NYE: Naochiko by Synpai
NYE: Naochiko by ~Synnimaru
The suggester said:
"The perspective, the lighting, the depth the image gives, the mysterious look on his face… absolutely professional painting style!"

Suggested by naochiko Featured by rydi1689
Caffeine by tlmale
Caffeine by ~tlmale

Featured by deshrubber
China Green icons by silencemira
China Green icons by ~silencemira offer a delightful touch of Asia bundled in this icon set.

Featured by ValaSedai
Ted by vicharris
Ted by ~vicharris

Suggested by Dragos-Sulgheru Featured by SRudy
All I have - Part 3 - Page 8 by Dedasaur
The suggester states, "The use of color and lighting to define the mood in All I have - Part 3 - Page 8 by ~Dedasaur is really superb, I also love how everything flows together."

Suggested by shadowzabimaru Featured by jcroxas
Poached Pacific Kingfish by DulcetEpicure
The magic school cone 15 by P-cally
The magic school cone 15 by ~P-cally

Also suggested by =ElindielForestStar

Suggested by Ytril Featured by STelari
Strange Craft by DmajicPhotography
chains and cages by schnotte
Giving the grand impression of a dream-created industrial labyrinth or citadel, chains and cages by *schnotteis an outstanding example of what can be found, and documented, in forgotten places.

Featured by arctoa
Whisper by eugeniaclara
Whisper by ~eugeniaclara is a wonderfully illustrated piece of typography, with a touch of vintage and very charming details.

Featured by pica-ae
[Stock & Resources] Perdue dans la foret by ~medusestock

Featured by Elandria
penny the pup. by tiny-tea-party
*tiny-tea-party's gallery is full of unique and adorable amigurumi characters, as a plus many of them include upcycled fabrics and materials! penny the pup is just one of many.

Suggested by quirkyhime Featured by Talty
Arachnophobia therapy by peroni68
Arachnophobia therapy by *peroni68, also suggested by *Flobelebelebobele

Suggested by Daystar-Art Featured by Aeirmid
1. Ciridian by Mishudo
A charming and quirky band portrait, 1. Ciridian by ~Mishudo embodies the sense of fun and experimentation that comes along with instant film.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Black Dragon Pool Park by melintir
Suggester Says "The landscape and places shot by the artist are wonderful, I love the overall atmosphere and mood that is captured in this one."
Black Dragon Pool Park by ~melintir

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by Kaz-D
Beautiful Tragedy by HannahCombs
Awaken by shirua
Awaken by *shirua

Featured by sTiViA
Angel With Harp by BenediktXVII
Angel With Harp by ~BenediktXVII. Also suggested by `IceXDragon.

Suggested by Krissi001 Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter
Level Up (2012) by ~rasenth
This fun little animation will certainly make the retro gamers smile, charming characterisation and love the music to this!

Suggested by PagodaComics Featured by kingmancheng