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Thursday, January 17, 2013
Forsaken zanzibar, to the light by lordoffog
The suggester notes that *PandaCat-Productions "has an uncanny ability to get you into the emotions of her characters." Whisper Wraith - 1 is a dark example of this.

Suggested by inknalcohol Featured by neurotype
Bride by AlesanaCore
~AlesanaCore's Bride is a photograph of beauty, not only in the lovely model Yana, but in the scenery and background as well. The vibrant colours reflect the atmosphere and mood brilliantly, emphasising the gorgeous nature of both (wo)man and nature.

Featured by 3wyl
Avengers by gleidsonaraujo
Gleidson's pencil works are very detailed & jam-packed with unique actions and style. Ultimates II - page 02 by ~gleidsonaraujo is such a great piece of pencil work with clean, awesome angle shot & pespective. Check our his journal if you are interested in coloring his works.

Featured by jcroxas
A Smile From You by JayRoeder
A great work of vintage inspired custom lettering. The chosen colors and vivid type make this a warming piece of typography.

A Smile From You by ~JayRoeder

Featured by pica-ae
... by ~joannacora The suggester says, "I think the colours in this photo are beautiful - very autumnal and soothing. The crop and composition are great, too."

Suggested by cality Featured by Nyx-Valentine
The Dark Lord by Ahmed-R-Shalaby
The Dark Lord by ~Dash-th3me, also suggested by *OfOneSoul and *Skyler-Van-Alen

Suggested by ErinM31 Featured by Aeirmid
Artemis by Michael-C-Hayes
Artemis by ~Michael-C-Hayes

Suggested by Varsa-svasa Featured by SRudy
Autumn by Anisis
As if dancing with one another, Autumn by *Anisis is a magnificent acrylic painting.

Featured by Astralseed
A Gentleman's Last Act Stock Pack 01 by Null-Entity
[Stock & Resources] A Gentleman's Last Act Stock Pack 01 by ~Null-EntityAction packed and dynamic stock poses, great for comic references and digital art/manips!

Featured by Elandria
White Weevil II by AlHabshi
White Weevil II by *AlHabshi

Suggested by James--Steele Featured by Kaz-D
SIG Sauer P250 [renders] by BringMeASunkist
Great detail in an outstanding realistic game ready gun. Check out the rest of the artist's gallery for some more amazing work!SIG Sauer P250 [renders] by ~BringMeASunkist

Featured by PolyMune
Sorrel Unicorn by Ethereal-Beings
Sorrel Unicorn by ~Ethereal-Beings is a beautiful unicorn in a non-traditional color, notice how realistic the muscles and hair look and the way the photo brings everything together.

Suggested by Nameda Featured by Talty
Sangalhos, Portugal, 2010 by philipz
Sangalhos, Portugal, 2010 by ~philipz contains a fine balance of organic and constructed elements within a well-proportioned composition.

Featured by arctoa
Waiting to gain by M-O-S
xxxl by GreyHues
Magic Night by 69XuXu69
There's nothing about Magic Night by *Feng-Yue that is not breath-taking! Fierce expressions, appealing colour combinations and alluring atmosphere... Marvelous!

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by rydi1689
ILM by Edu-One
ILM by ~Edu-One

Featured by kiwi-pdd
M-M-Monsters don't exist! by BassMessiah
M-M-Monsters don't exist! by ~BassMessiah shows what lurks in the shadows.

Suggested by TiaVon Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter
Designn Magazine Special Edition by UJz
Designn Magazine Special Edition by =CartonDock

deviantART Related / Zines

Featured by bradleysays
free waffle icon by okyi
Deliciously well pixeled and animated. free waffle icon by *transastral

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by ValaSedai
Lille-Umination 1 by jeje62
Lille-Umination 1 by *jeje62 is a stunningly atmospheric spherical panorama in HDR. Also suggested by *selunia.

Suggested by schelly Featured by RockstarVanity
Little Avengers! by erickarciniega
Little Avengers! by *erickarciniega

Suggested by PolyMune Featured by Lyricanna
Beautiful, classic and elegant.
Unbeatable by *Val-Mont

Featured by DistortedSmile
Bobsmade board by Bobsmade
Bobsmade board by =Bobsmade

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by princepal