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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
INFINITE by DonaRita
engraving in the femur of the cow 3 by manuroartis
engraving in the femur of the cow 3 by ~manuroartis The suggester writes: "The carving on the flowers is exquisite. The hollow of the bone suggests the fragility of the medium, and the shape adds to the unique beauty."

Suggested by Gryffgirl Featured by maytel
shine on me by miss-gardener
The contrast between the fragility of the subject matter and the strength of the rich tones in shine on me by ~miss-gardener adds punch to the prettiness.

Suggested by scarlette13 Featured by RockstarVanity
mrs absinth by blumilein
"Wonderful vibrant, like her gallery and her way of talking."
mrs absinth by *blumilein

Suggested by Lhianne Featured by DistortedSmile
Lady Luck by DK-Studio
Loving this vector design, bold line art just does it for me! Lady Luck by ~DK-Studio

Suggested by SaloGuardione Featured by ChewedKandi
Apricot Residence by iiiislee
Apricot Residence by ~iiiislee

Suggested by Inku-inku Featured by STelari
SHADE by paRanOYiqzz
With a keen sense of minimalist composition, SHADE by ~paRanOYiqzz conveys a powerful narrative through the sole figure in the scene.

Featured by arctoa
Eat Your Own Words by starg691
Eat Your Own Words by *starg691 is a clever piece that gets the message across powerfully, from first looking at the top piece to looking at the second. Presentation in both photographs is great, the depth of field shallow enough for us to focus on what is profoundly being portrayed to us.

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by 3wyl
Le monde magique de Arnaud by Cyan-dg
Le monde magique de Arnaud by ~Cyan-dg

Suggested by Capilair Featured by Moonbeam13
[Stock & Resources] Violin in the snow STOCK pack (updated) by ~conceptually is a pack of 23 lovely wintery stock images!

Suggested by little-billie Featured by Elandria
Resurrection by Trunnec
Resurrection by =Trunnec

*OfOneSoul said:
"The scenes are so well drawn and proportioned - I would be willing to read the entire series just for these few, short panels."
Also suggested by =Gasara

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by rydi1689
Holding On by JessicaStarrPhoto
Holding On by *JessicaStarrPhoto

Suggested by Gregos Featured by xbastex
Frosty Night by Hanafae
Frosty Night by *Hanafae

deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Installable Journal Skins

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by bradleysays
Transition by digitalessandra
The suggester writes, "I love the symbolism in Transition by *digitalessandra. Age is like the seasons, and this old man is entering his final stage of life. Beautiful and emotional."

Suggested by tamaraR Featured by Aeirmid
night-night by cosmococo
I would like to agree with =MusicalCombusken's comment it night-night by ~cosmococo, "Ahhh, this is such a cute illustration! I love the colors used, it's really friendly and adorable."The whole scene is really dreamlike, surreal and adorable that you can stare at this and enjoy the lively and magical artwork.

Featured by jcroxas
The Hungry Season by *b1gfan

Suggested by leyghan Featured by thorns
Interactive Portal Turret by SarmaiBalazs
*r4di0fly3r has made a clever bit of work concerning the Portal games with an Interactive Portal Turret that responds to your webcam like a motion sensor. Also suggested by *EnjiNight, ~MetalFluffyNinja and `Kneeling-Glory

Suggested by UmbraAtramentum Featured by SqueakyToybox
Haywire Trailer 2 by ~psyware
The atmosphere in this is simply brilliant, the style gives it a great post-apocalyptic feel!

Featured by kingmancheng
The Bat by epyon5
The Bat by ~epyon5 "This guy has never got a DD, and his work gets better with every post, so maybe i should wait till his next.."

Suggested by abcartattack Featured by kiwi-pdd
Juliet (RoseJulia formula challenge) by miincdesign
Cuffed by ~Dracovinia An absolutely fabulous pair of shoes.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Assassin's Creed by GakggGak
Assassin's Creed by ~Stupid-Crow

Suggested by Killer-Sweet Featured by Lyricanna
Coral 25 by Lauren-Lee
[Stock and Resources] Coral 25 by *Lauren-Lee

Suggested by CelticStrm-Stock Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Knew by IMustBeDead
Suggester Says:This absolutely stunning black and white photograph not only shows stunning photographic skills but also shows how emotions can come through art at such a deep level.
Knew by *IMustBeDead

Suggested by TimberClipse Featured by Kaz-D
Erebus by hypnothalamus
Movie Monster Size-Chart by lord-phillock
Movie Monster Size-Chart by ~lord-phillock A chart that any movie monster fan should have. For details must check zoom version here.

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by princepal