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Monday, January 14, 2013
Kewob by Leundra
Kewob by *Leundra

Suggested by Crickatoo Featured by RadicalLizard
Fantasy Game Icons 2_HQ by Rav3nway
really well detailed icons, can't forget the icons in games! These ones feature little details and stunning display Fantasy Game Icons 2_HQ by ~Rav3nway

Featured by PolyMune
Beauty in red by m-vladimir
Beauty in red by ~m-vladimir

Suggested by Maay Featured by DistortedSmile
angel in armour by Katarinea
~katarinea gallery is filled with masterpieces but angel in armour stood out to me the most for its intricate simplicity executed in perfect balance... It leaves me lost for words! Just, marvelous!

Suggested by Zsayuri Featured by rydi1689
Granite by ForestFaerieQuean
Granite by ~ForestFaerieQuean

Suggested by OutsideFate Featured by SaTaNiA
Going Home by tamaraR
Going Home by *tamaraR

Featured by Aeirmid
kiss by VartanAkopyan
Great shapes and color bring kiss by ~VartanAkopyan to life.

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by Astralseed
Butterfly Fairy Glass Art Etch by ImaginedGlass
An incredible example of etched glass, the way the artist uses both sides of the glass and different depths to create dimension is amazing! Don't forget to check the rest of his gallery too. Butterfly Fairy Glass Art Etch by ~ImaginedGlass

Suggested by SaloGuardione Featured by Talty
Merry-Go-Round by dogcanjump
Merry-Go-Round by *dogcanjump is definitely one of the bests from the artist's gallery - from the execution of the drawing, the story, and the presentation of the expressions and the clean and very dynamic layout of the comic which makes this even more interesting to read.

Suggested by maslenitsa Featured by jcroxas
Ice 2 by JennaKellen
Ice 2 shows a wonderful collaboration between model, *JennaKellen, and photographer, Stephen Carroll. Not only does the smoke effect add more to this piece, the way Jenna contorts herself is brilliant and makes things more surreal.

Featured by 3wyl
[Stock and Resources] Wonderful sunset stock to aid you in your art creation! Beach 2 by ~Brin-Kennedy-Stock

Suggested by PattiPix Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Some bad memories by Piroshki-Photography
Some bad memories by *WiFly-Lenses

Suggested by BloodshotInk Featured by Kaz-D
dapple bay mare - stock by s-uperflu0us
[Stock & Resources] dapple bay mare - stock by =Loopie2008-stock

Featured by Elandria
Witch Doctor by wyd1985
Witch Doctor by ~wyd1985

Suggested by Krissi001 Featured by alexandrasalas
2012-13 by SmallFly
With natural light and a muted colour palette, 2012-13 by ~SmallFly captures a sense of dreamy feminine beauty.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by RockstarVanity
Chill by tonjasell
When loss is felt as a constant sort of Chill; awesome mixed media work from ~tonjasell.

Suggested by MonaParvin Featured by SRaffa
Haunted House by nassimhasan
12 Tails by Niking
12 Tails by *Niking. An amazing use of colours for each and every character. The details in the picture are lovely.

Suggested by Southrobin Featured by KovoWolf
Cookies and Chocolate by KaTT-a-KlysM
This is what we need on a cold winters day... Cookies and Chocolate by *KaTT-a-KlysM

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by ChewedKandi
Decay by Greyguardian
Decay by *Greyguardian is an outstanding surrealist vision of decay: all broken angles and dissolving form like time unwound.

Featured by arctoa
Mon lit est une arene ou j'acheve mes amants by Nath-Sakura-Official
Mon lit est une arene ou j'acheve mes amants by ~Nath-Sakura-Official I love the strangely surreal location and beautiful background combined with gorgeous latex!

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Know Your Limits by Waterboy1992
Know Your Limits by ~Waterboy1992 is a wonderful graphic approach to typography. The subtle color scheme and variety of shapes and and lines, as well as the contrast between message and visual appearance, make this artwork really stand out.

Suggested by kybel Featured by pica-ae
The Farewell To Old friends by TheThaneOfLochaber