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Saturday, January 12, 2013
SG0065 by Spiral-Gene
SG0065 by ~Spiral-Gene

Suggested by Fiery-Fire Featured by SaTaNiA
Manifestation of the Higher Self by eddiecalz
A communion in which every breath illumines a Manifestation of the Higher Self; oil on canvas from *eddiecalz.

Suggested by Christa-Kinde Featured by SRaffa
. SPICE . by KimberleePhotography
Suggester Says:"I really like this still life... The colors are warm and feel perfectly right for the subject. The composition is nice and I almost can smell the spices!"
. SPICE . by *KimberleePhotography

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by Kaz-D
For Agniya-fox by Ir-Is-art
For Agniya-fox by ~Ir-Is-art

Suggested by Ir-Is-art Featured by KovoWolf
Afternoon Tea by RimaPichi
Dreadful atmosphere, penetrating glares and evil smirks...something tells me this is not your average Afternoon Tea. *RimaPichi's piece will give you the shivers!

Suggested by BlackyPinky Featured by rydi1689
Ozark Fox by LatinVixen
Ozark Fox by *LatinVixen The suggester writes: "Part of the costume which seems to be done remarkably. It looks cartoony, but alive at the same time."

Suggested by Firey-Flamy Featured by maytel
Golden Pearl by harpyja
This wonderful mixed media piece of a hornbill is only one of many great works of art in this artists gallery Golden Pearl by ~harpyja

Suggested by Russockshitha Featured by Astralseed
MonstroCity chars by Garvals
some really cool looking concepts for a fun game, gotta love those details MonstroCity chars by =Garvals

Featured by PolyMune
PixelZeesh by pixelzeesh
PixelZeesh by ~pixelzeesh

Featured by princepal
1109 by Slug22
[Stock and Resources] A fantastic clear stock photo for you to use as a reference in your work! 1109 by ~Slug22

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
last leaves of the fall by Writto
Immerse yourself in depth and colour with an abstract twist. last leaves of the fall by =Writto is a whimsical representation of the changing of seasons.

Featured by RockstarVanity
The Encounter by AudreyBenjaminsen
The Encounter by *LunaLouise is a very great example of a short comic with mixed of action, supense and thrill then slowly changing the mood until it meets a happy ending.
[Also suggested by *Christa-Kinde]

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by jcroxas
Burg Hassenstein 6 by ceeek-stock
[Stock & Resources] Burg Hassenstein 6 by ~ceeek-stock

Suggested by kuschelirmel-stock Featured by Elandria
Spectres by mirandaadria
Spectres by =mirandaadria is a wonderful example of what photomanipulation should be: intriguing, innovative, and incredibly well done.

Featured by Aeirmid
Struggling Captive by ~contorted4life This shot combines astonishing flexibility with lovely simple rope that highlights the contortions of the models body.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
changing wall part 10 by n4t4
changing wall part 10 by ~n4t4 It's hard to choose just one piece worthy of a DD in n4t4's gallery but this is a great example of his unique and shamanic style

Suggested by GreenaGene Featured by kiwi-pdd
the homecoming by mistykis
the homecoming is a poignant photograph of a couple so beautifully portrayed by ~mistykis. The vignette is fitting in how it centres our attention on the main subject matter, and the colours are reminiscent of past times, emphasising the concept even more.

Featured by 3wyl
Angels in the Window by soul-rocketeer
Angels in the Window by ~soul-rocketeer is a reminder not to lose that child like fascination to appreciate warmth and beauty when we see it.

Featured by kozispoon
Prelude by AnnMarieBone
Prelude by =AnnMarieBone

Featured by deshrubber
At World's End by Liebeistverboten
At World's End by ~Liebeistverboten is a suitably named minimalist composition with a haunting combination of tones and a cold, melancholic aesthetic.

Featured by arctoa
6:30:09 by ~em-arginated is written with a gentle atmosphere that is beautiful and moving.

Suggested by Mrs-Freestar-Bul Featured by thorns
Free Peacock Avatar by CitricLily
Suggester Comment: 'The use of color is just brilliant. The avatar is so shiny and fun to look at too!' Free Peacock Avatar by =AcidKitty3

Suggested by TheSaltyMonster Featured by ValaSedai
How Prince Marmaduke... is, as `CrumpetsHarvey herself notes, a sort of fairy tale.

Featured by neurotype
Rena Grand Archer cosplay by KICKAcosplay
Rena Grand Archer cosplay by *KICKAcosplay

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays