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Thursday, January 10, 2013
Dancing Among the Stars by whitneyw
When it's all over and the last tear's been shed, maybe we'll be Dancing Among the Stars; acrylics on board from *whitneyw.

Suggested by SaloGuardione Featured by SRaffa
Field of Wobbly Papercubes by kamibox
Field of Wobbly Papercubes by ~kamibox
You can tell that the artist had a lot of fun with this. Simple but beautifully crafted and shot!

Suggested by Armonah Featured by kingmancheng
Ocean's Line by KatherineReedKS
The beautiful colors and effects make this an outstanding piece, please make sure to visit this deviant's gallery for more unique examples of pottery! Ocean's Line by *KatherineReedKS

Featured by Talty
Viking by SeanE
The suggester states, "Sean does always excellent colorings. But I think Viking by *SeanE (colors), *ebas (pencils) & ~grumpyfatfury (inks) is one of the most excellent color work he has ever done, recreating a perfect viking atmosphere and giving life to the illustration"

Suggested by fullname Featured by jcroxas
Frosted Glass Brush by dierat
[Stock and Resources] Frosted Glass Brush by *dierat

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Maya: Bitter Sun by birdofdecadence
"I love the light and how these twigs are everywhere around the model, it looks like her face is framed by them."
Maya by ~birdofdecadence

Suggested by rosaarvensis Featured by DistortedSmile
TeamDMC by E09ETM
TeamDMC by ~E09ETM

Suggested by SpiritLullaby Featured by Lyricanna
Sailor Moon: Black Lady by josephlowphotography
Pink Sky by Memipong
Pink Sky by ~Memipong

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by alexandrasalas
Gloves III by ZenSpy
A monochrome reality melts in Gloves III by ~ZenSpy, an intriguing example of the unique effects created by using a glass negative.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Snow land by yinyuming
Snow land by *yinyuming

Suggested by WhiteKimahri Featured by Thiefoworld
Beautiful Autumn by chalii
Beatiful Autumn by ~chalii puts a smile on my face everytime I look at it. With its bright and gleamy colours as well as its uplifting atmosphere, it's bound to brighten up your day!
Also suggested by =Joyfool

Suggested by uchuubranko Featured by rydi1689
Patsy by shonechacko
Patsy by =shonechacko

Featured by deshrubber
schooooool by cherinova
The suggester wrote "The composition is amazing, the girl is placed perfectly in the picture. The coloring is clean and the shading is nice. The picture is very detailed." schooooool by ~cherinova

Suggested by Puffyko Featured by PolyMune
qqq 11 by metindemiralay
With a fine range of tones and an evocative focal length, qqq 11 by *metindemiralay is a beguiling vision with an intimate narrative.

Featured by arctoa
Apophysis fracta for nebulae 2 by th3rion
[Stock & Resources] Apophysis fractal for nebulae 2 by ~th3rion

Featured by Elandria
There is a guitar under my pillow and I dream of music when I'm alone. la musica dulce is by *dietcocaine

Suggested by SilverInkblot Featured by Nichrysalis
Departure by perodog
Departure by *perodog

Also suggested by =ElindielForestStar

Suggested by Ytril Featured by STelari
Solid.Free.Touchy. by Setik01
Solid.Free.Touchy. by ~Setik01

Suggested by zeus-one Featured by kiwi-pdd
Blue latex by ~SabienDeMonia A gorgeously glamourous fetish shot!

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Owl and Squirrel by black6589
Suggester said: "I love the colors, it's very effective and well-composed. Also the figures are sooo lovely, especially the little one it hands" - Owl and Squirrel by ~black6589

Suggested by Azzedar-san Featured by RadicalLizard
Rats by ~blue-isotropic is an intriguing twist on the dystopian genre. Suggested anonymously.

Featured by neurotype
Yearning by Moesie
Yearning by *Huggleberry-Finn

Suggested by SiofraTural Featured by KovoWolf
Chigatsu Avatar by TheDeathOfSen
A group avatar full of whimsical little details, ready to whisk you away to a world of fairy tales. Chigatsu Avatar by ~TheDeathOfSen

Featured by ValaSedai
Portrait by kochetkov
Portrait by ~kochetkov

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by SRudy
Church by SarahElNaggar
Church by *LadyPawPaw

Featured by Kaz-D
Will you feel anything at all... by gravitydamage
Will you feel anything at all... by ~gravitydamage is poignant in the strong emotion conveyed to us. The colours complement each other in a powerful way from the post-processing which results in a piece that is excellent and natural in its realism.

Suggested by CarmenVeloso Featured by 3wyl