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Wednesday, January 09, 2013
When The Autumn Is by IrondoomDesign
Wtf?! by Grosnez
Wtf?! by ~Grosnez

Suggested by Pheotive Featured by alltheoriginalnames
respiration. by *DearPoetry catches the eye with interesting metaphors.

Suggested by Namicat101 Featured by thorns
. . ..  . . . . . . . .. ................ by Frozen-photo
The suggester says, "I think the way the photographer captured the trees is amazing, and the location is secluded and dreamy, perfect for capturing such a beautiful moment between a happy couple."

. . .. . . . . . . . .. ................ by ~Frozen-photo

Suggested by petits-bonheurs Featured by 3wyl
Dancing on the skyline by jbfort
Gullibility by ~Schandlich Suggester Writes: Horrific and hilarious; what more could you possibly want?

Suggested by SilverInkblot Featured by BeccaJS
Untitled by grazapp
Untitled by ~grazapp

Suggested by Oughter Featured by SRudy
Game Project 001 by puyoakira
The suggester wrote: "A wonderful and enchanting world with an amazing amount of gorgeous details." Game Project 001 by ~puyoakira

Suggested by tamaraR Featured by PolyMune
Yggdrasil by mikioku
Yggdrasil by ~mikioku

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by STelari
Night walk by WadaChizu
The joy of shared discoveries all along a Night walk; painted and collaged by ~WadaChizu.

Suggested by Atramina Featured by SRaffa
ladybird I by AndreasWelt
ladybird I by ~AndreasWelt

Featured by Kaz-D
TORCHES by dandingeroz
TORCHES by ~dandingeroz

Suggested by dandingeroz Featured by princepal
Steven Stories Bangkok by Drchristophers
Steven Stories Bangkok by ~Drchristophers is a stunning example of how HDR processing sometimes feels like it was made for urban exploration photography.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Arsillyd icon commission by Isvoc
Arsillyd icon commission by *Isvoc

Suggested by Crickatoo Featured by ValaSedai
Border Patrol by Heyriel
Border Patrol by *Heyriel

Suggested by Stygma Featured by KovoWolf
One day with Chiyoharu-Ocs by ayasemn
Classroom Menace by TheRuud
Classroom Menace by ~TheRuud is a such a sweet cartoon illustration with lots of things happening, directing you to the whole point and story of the idea of the artist. Plus, seeing different personalities portrayed and using such wonderful color pallete make this even more adorable!

Featured by jcroxas
Baku Plush by WhittyKitty
Please make sure to see it in full view! This plushie is full of surprises and details, it takes a lot of time and dedication to sew so many fabrics in so many different shapes, but the result is amazing! Baku Plush by *WhittyKitty

Suggested by PlanetPlush Featured by Talty
WHITEE - Kawaii iPhone iPod Case by TomodachiIsland
WHITEE - Kawaii iPhone iPod Case by *TomoLtd The suggester writes: "Well crafted, and the perfect cure for a sad day."

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by maytel
Twisted Kind Of Bliss by ART-BY-DOC
The suggester said: Art-By-Doc does work with lines and shapes that are abstract, but defining, creating beautiful works that are amazingly unique. Twisted Kind Of Bliss by ~ART-BY-DOC

Suggested by abcartattack Featured by Astralseed
Paper Charm Bracelet Tutorial by Crimefish
[Stock and Resources] Paper Charm Bracelet Tutorial by *Crimefish

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Tear by EM-MIKA
Tear by *EM-MIKA

Suggested by Christa-Kinde Featured by Lyricanna
There by liutawras
There by ~liutawras is an accomplished landscape image which evokes a surrealist aesthetic through a careful foreshortening of the horizon and the rendition of a bleak, otherworldly quality of light.

Featured by arctoa
Tutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough by AquaSixio
The suggester states "Tutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough by `AquaSixio is a fresh, interesting way to look at color balance!" Also suggested by ~Chris-Garrett and =Shadowelve

Suggested by DreamForecast Featured by Elandria
Anointed Gardens by JimmyZhang
Also suggested by =little-billie

Anointed Gardens by ~forthemoment

Suggested by OrmIrian Featured by Thiefoworld