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Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Ocular Equinox by PSYXXARTS
Ocular Equinox by =Psy-XX

Suggested by TheDarkRayne Featured by Aeirmid
The Green Box by Eidhnean
The Green Box by ~Eidhnean

Featured by STelari
The Boy Who Cried Wolf by paperlait
The Boy Who Cried Wolf by ~paperlait

Suggested by Kosari Featured by Thiefoworld
Cat Dragon by matildarose
Cat Dragon by ~matildarose is definitely a cute illustration that will make you giggle and can wake up the inner child in you, like what ~Leynir said and as almost many people noticed, the details are also stunning as you can see lots of cats doing random things. Even one said that this is "PURR-Fect".

Featured by jcroxas
mermaid creature by WhimsicalMoon
The depths as seen through the eyes of the mermaid creature; watercolors and graphite from ~WhimsicalMoon.

Featured by SRaffa
Self Portrait by ACBusse
A far cry from a camera phone and a bathroom mirror, Self Portrait by *ACBusse shows that reflected self-portraits with the camera in view can look great!

Featured by RockstarVanity
flood 05 by straszak
flood 05 by ~straszak

Featured by xbastex
Maska by KO-KI
Maska by ~KO-KI takes fluid idle animation to new heights, whilst featuring a fun character design.

Featured by ClefairyKid
Forest Dreams 65 by ky-sta
[Stock and Resources] Forest Dreams 65 by *ky-sta. Also suggested by kirilee

Suggested by Blossom-Lullabies Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Make-Shift Angel V: In Absentia by ArdenEllenNixon
New-York Madness by kingstom
New-York Madness by *kingstom Detail and size of this piece are amazing!

Suggested by abcartattack Featured by kiwi-pdd
Shirokuma by namito111
Shirokuma by ~namito111

The suggester said: "It has such a cute concept to it. I love the polar bear's expression on its face and how the girl is positioned. I think this is a cute picture to represent winter and a great manga picture to help spread awareness to protect and save the polar bears"

Suggested by iingo Featured by rydi1689
Orgasmic by cjheery
Orgasmic by *cjheery

Featured by deshrubber
Laced II by Tristin-Vitriol
Nordavind by TheSnowDragon
Nordavind by *TheSnowDragon

Featured by KovoWolf
Fifty by *zephyrtronium "portraits the inner struggle born from what you don't want to want, but still do in a very straight forwarded way," says the suggester.

Suggested by lintu47 Featured by thorns
Ball-Jointed by BlackMageAlodia
Ball-Jointed by *BlackMageAlodia is a haunting and expressive shot combining the fantastic attributes of the model with artfully placed still life figurines.

Featured by Kaz-D
Benstock (50) by BlueBird-Stock
[Stock & Resources] Benstock (50) by ~BlueBird-Stock

Featured by Elandria
I Hide Myself Away In The Dark by Zewarr
Described by the suggester as "cold-feeling and with a gloomy mood that makes me feel like I'm the last person alive atop the highest mountain" the work of I Hide Myself Away In The Dark by *WeepingSisyphus is a fine conceptual surreality.

Suggested by Dream-traveler Featured by arctoa
Icarus by Reraizure
Icarus by ~Reraizure A stunningly simple suspension that takes its beauty from the simplicity and stark contrast.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Leaf Bracelet by stian-c
An elegant design with a slightly rustic look, not to mention that the metal work is admirable! Leaf Bracelet by ~stian-c

Suggested by ukapala Featured by Talty
Cyber House interior by M-Wojtala
Truly amazing and inspiring concept art by a very talented professional concept artist for the upcoming Gears of War: Judgment game. Pretty wicked stuff! Cyber House interior by ~M-Wojtala

Featured by PolyMune
Mobitiled 2 by Mobilelectro
Mobitiled 2 by ~Mobilelectro

Featured by SaTaNiA
Chibi Maker 1.1 by gen8
Chibi Maker by ~gen8 is built with elegant, simple yet supremely detailed components. For a game of its sort, the artist has packed a surprisingly amount of content in it, offering users a full suite of customizability. (Also suggested by =Gloomyswirl and =AmbreAkasora)

Suggested by justMANGO Featured by SqueakyToybox
Who the fuck is patrick starfish? by dhomochevsky-art
The suggester said: The artist has a great eye for detail and color - but the thing that struck me most about his work was the marvelous sense of humor he imbues into each piece! Who the fuck is patrick starfish? by *HerrSchmidt

Suggested by Nightlyre Featured by Astralseed
Sleeping Lullaby 1 - Short Animation Film by =ElConsigliere
The suggester says "There is so much love to the details in every single painting, and the animation is also so well done. Just beautiful and impressive."

Suggested by RiCome Featured by kingmancheng
Pathfinder 1 by YamaOrce
Pathfinder 1 by *YamaO

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by alexandrasalas
Tier - T-shirt design by SirWendigo
In the sea by Squ-chan
Drowning in the sea by *Squ-chan "has a great atmosphere and mood, giving you a feeling for being under water as well, trying to reach out to this boy. The colors are amazing as well as the lights.". Also suggested by *Nataliadsw

Suggested by KyouKaraa Featured by sTiViA
Princess Mars by lady-narven
Princess Mars by ~lady-narven

Suggested by Arichy Featured by pullingcandy
Nomnom by Smushey
Harmonious colours, smooth shading and skillfull use of space distinguish this piece as an outstanding icon. Nomnom by =Smoshen

Featured by ValaSedai