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Sunday, January 06, 2013
from Machination of dementia series by lukaszwodynski
Okami Brushgods by scarykurt
Okami Brushgods by ~scarykurt The suggester says: With so many cute paper crafts in their gallery, ~scarykurt obviously takes great care into everything they make. This one is a very large group and designing each one must have really taken some devotion!

Suggested by Ahkward Featured by maytel
alone by tuminka
alone by *tuminka utilises negative space, texture, and a limited palette to create a surrealist vision with a strong personal narrative.

Suggested by CGiraldez Featured by arctoa
World's End 005 Ruins in Stormy Seas by LuDa-Stock
[Stock & Resources] World's End 005 Ruins in Stormy Seas by ~LuDa-Stock

Featured by Elandria
Ksenia by RitaAmphetamine
"Brightly lit and beautiful, this glamour portrait is fresh and chic."
Ksenia by ~RitaAmphetamine

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by DistortedSmile
::Combat Mode:: REVAMP by Dopaprime
The suggester wrote: "Ryuuka has dedicated a lot of time to his Virtual World Concept and I find all his work to be truly unique and inspiring. "::Combat Mode:: REVAMP by *Ryuuka-Nagare

Suggested by mishihime Featured by PolyMune
a peaceful evening by jojo218
a peaceful evening by ~jojo218
The suggester said:"I really love the way he portrays the warmth of the image and how he put the complexity under such a peaceful drawing!". Also suggested by =Seishiki

Suggested by CLassicNightmare Featured by sTiViA
Analogue Dear by DanilLovesFood
New Vanitas Acedia 01 by MarkScheider
New Vanitas Acedia 01 by ~MarkScheider is a traditional still life set up with rather more modern props.

Suggested by Savaliste Featured by Kaz-D
2012 - 41 by iSubmit
2012 - 41 by ~iSubmit

Suggested by lecristal Featured by SaTaNiA
Spektr by Spektr777
Spektr by ~Spektr777 "where to start.. everything works well. colors, shapes,lines and the style is really awesome!"

Suggested by DoseOner Featured by kiwi-pdd
Circus by Tocatchad
Circus by ~Tocatchad
The suggester said:
"This artist has such a great touch for dark feelings. I can see she can hide that dark feeling into "cute" faces. What she shows us through faces is a death/morbid expression and feeling combined with a soft and detailed shading. That's what I like about this artist. Great concepts, good shading and proper feelings."

Suggested by CaptainPissOff Featured by rydi1689
I love you, mom by Kaewsricha
Even just by looking at I love you, mom, you'll feel the charm and happiness from the characters. The background is so soft and very pleasant to see and lastly, even the suggester highly recommends to check out the rest of ~Kaewsricha's gallery as it is filled with many fun, cute and adorable watercolor masterpieces.

Suggested by elicoronel16 Featured by jcroxas
The Gift by ~witwitch What is it about that horrible scarf? A fantastic short story, full of typical office gossip and eventual truths.

Suggested by autumnlit Featured by BeccaJS
I cover myself in latex III. by ~Honeyhair I love the gorgeous sweep of her clothing, and the shine

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Rise of the Guardians by DustyLeaves
Mouthhead by GoldenMech
Mouthhead by ~GoldenMech is a gruesomely creative set of successive boss sprites, making great use of limited colours and a consistent theme.

Featured by ClefairyKid
Serenity... by januvargas
Serenity... by ~januvargas is beautiful in its softness, further emphasised by the apt title. Emotion is greatly expressed through the model's pose, and the fact that half of her face is covered by her arm which is tattooed artistically.

Featured by 3wyl
A dream of spring by Ester13
Delicate and pretty, A dream of spring by ~Ester13 is a beautiful fashion shot given the digital darkroom treatment.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Apple Nouveau by Jacinthe
Radioactive Future by shadothezombie
The suggester writes, "I absolutely love Radioactive Future by *shadothezombie! Not only is it well done, it has a message. Truly wonderful."

Suggested by ArtVio Featured by Aeirmid
Mursi by demi2004
Mursi by ~demi2004

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by xbastex
reaction by super-ania
reaction by ~super-ania

Featured by STelari
Mika; sterling expressionist portraiture in oils from ~Contrapposto.

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by SRaffa
Caracal by Olvium
A wonderful painting of an interesting feline Caracal by *Olvium

Featured by Astralseed
Barn Owl 11 by Chocomix-Stock
[Stock and Resources] A reference of a gorgeous bird for use in your own work! Barn Owl 11 by ~Chocomix-Stock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Clouds ID by Toxandreev
Clouds ID by *Toxandreev

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by phoenixleo Featured by bradleysays
Anemone by goldengami
A sculpture more than origami, an elegant design, not to mention the incredible amount of work it involved! Anemone by ~goldengami

Suggested by oasiaris Featured by Talty
the wicked by HexPhotography
the wicked by ~HexPhotography

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by pullingcandy