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Saturday, January 05, 2013
Hummingbird Warrior and the Lady of Snakes by Nehemet
get born again by AlmAArietis
get born again by ~Snukki is an exquisite composition whose harsh contrast between light and shadow lends a cinematic, dream-like and abstractive aesthetic to a fine conceptual piece.

Featured by arctoa
Winter scene background by indigodeep
[Stock & Resources] Winter scene background by *indigodeep

Suggested by eclipsy Featured by Elandria
Sasuke Tard Award by jesterry
Sasuke Tard Award by =jesterry has a fantastic use of colour, texture and expression to create a humorous piece.

Featured by Lyricanna
Skyway by Dajotoy
Skyway by ~Dajotoy

Suggested by PolyMune Featured by Thiefoworld
Christmas by lriis
The enduring mystery of this life and the next; Christmas; heartfelt meditations in paint from =lriis.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
Dragon Scales Hi-Rez by rslewisphotos
[Stock and Resources] Dragon Scales Hi-Rez by ~rslewisphotos

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Commission for Yon by oO-Kir-Oo
Commission for Yon by ~oO-Kir-Oo. Her color usage is very clever, compositions are flawless and her painterly style is pleasant to look at.

Suggested by dar-a Featured by KovoWolf
Battletech - Experimental Marauder by Shimmering-Sword
Secret Santa : F-wd by NaruLeiin
Secret Santa : F-wd by =NaruLeiin
The suggester said:"I love the beautiful wings and the gleam on it. I also love the coloring put withing this. It's amazing."

Suggested by iingo Featured by sTiViA
171 by p-walczak
What is awesome about 171 is that ~pewusoft captures this at night, something that isn't that common in the Transportation gallery. The lights work well with the myriad of colours and the wideness of the photograph itself frames things well, creating a good balance.

Featured by 3wyl
The Crypt by Maozi
The Crypt by ~Maozi

Featured by pullingcandy
CREAM by ErraJawnson
CREAM by *LoveErra Such a beautiful use of line, shape and colour. Be sure to check their gallery for many more inky wonders.

Featured by kiwi-pdd
first visitor by Ebineyland
With a skillful execution of this fantasy painting first visitor by ~Ebineyland is just one of many inspirational pieces in this artists gallery.

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by Astralseed
Tower of evil by yangxueguo
White Tails by PotatoPou
White Tails by *PotatoPou showcases fine and elegant beauty while maintaining a mysterious and enchanting mood!

Featured by rydi1689
Love After Life by Scummy
You'll definitely feel like you are in another world when you see Love After Life by ~Scummy. Not only that you will see the gorgeous details that the artist drew here, but you'll be amazed with the story behind this beautiful image. The emotions and feelings are so strong, that you will definitely check this out with full of awe and wonder.

Featured by jcroxas
Magic Knight: Little oni by ZenithOmocha
Amazing detail and character design for a card battling game Magic Knight: Little oni by =omocha-san

Featured by PolyMune
The Owens by lightsoutwordsgone
The Owens by ~lightsoutwordsgone is a classic capture of a special day.

Featured by Kaz-D
Flame by ChrisCalver
Flame by ~ChrisCalver

Suggested by James--Steele Featured by SRudy
Sylvanas by pagawanaman
The suggester said: "In addition of the cosplay's great workmanship, the composition of weapon, costume and its movement is very well done. " Sylvanas by ~pagawanaman

Suggested by Laurelin-CosPlay Featured by Talty
Xrtb II by Fractamonium
Xrtb II by =Fractamonium

Suggested by fraterchaos Featured by SaTaNiA
Goddess by AngelusNoir
Goddess by *AngelusNoir

Suggested by AEmeya Featured by STelari
*porcelline writes to a dangerous, addictive love in ich liebe dich.

Suggested by glossolalias Featured by neurotype
humans by MelanieMaterne
humans by ~MelanieMaterne

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Aeirmid
Horror bath by TimothyG81
Horror bath by ~TimothyG81 challenges the darkest side of your imagination to create its own story...what happened here?

Featured by RockstarVanity
self-portrait by MarcinTurecki
self-portrait by ~MarcinTurecki is an amazing work of art, playing with your perception of forms, words and perspective. A truly stunning deviation.

Featured by pica-ae