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Friday, January 04, 2013
We're late by Dantelian
We're late by *Dantelian

Suggested by gweety Featured by pullingcandy
one_eight_nine by OskarAlfons
The Reluctant Dragon by LindseyBell
Using watercolors and colored pencils The Reluctant Dragon by ~LindseyBell is a wonderful book cover mock up which was done for her grad show.

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by Astralseed
Knight Waltz by grandyoukan
Knight Waltz by ~grandyoukan
The suggester said "Simple, it may look like. But the simplicity of the background draws the attention to the lone figure in the middle. The figure of a knight in solitude and in deep thought. The details in the rifle and the uniform are eyecandy one can't stop staring."

Suggested by retrozero Featured by sTiViA
The purest Song is the One.... by Toefje-Kunst
Rush Hour I by FeliDae84
Composed as a striking conceptual surreality, Rush Hour I by ~FeliDae84 is an endearing and enjoyable departure from the mundane.

Featured by arctoa
Endless  Walk I by EmiNguyen
Reminiscent of the concept of limbo or purgatory, Endless Walk I by *EmiNguyen gracefully evokes a feeling of disconnection.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Old Time New Timer Stein STOCK 01 by DiamonEyes
[Stock & Resources] Old Time New Timer Stein STOCK 01 by *DiamonEyes

Suggested by Flobelebelebobele Featured by Elandria
Bellator by Raipun
Bellator by *Raipun

Featured by SRudy
life is a flower by brian9267
A wonderfully detailed and colorful typographic illustration.The letters fit perfectly with the flowers and plants, creating a beautiful symbiosis.

life is a flower by ~brian9267

Featured by pica-ae
Hidden in Red by futarinokizuna
Hidden in Red by =futarinokizuna

The suggester said:
"Excellent detail concurred into this piece and beautiful colors as well."
Also suggested by =ElindielForestStar and `Hellobaby

Suggested by iingo Featured by rydi1689
Overindulgence by whoalisaa
Consumer and consumed, predator and prey; Overindulgence; trenchant watercolors and ink from ~whoalisaa.

Suggested by f1utterby3 Featured by SRaffa
Boy with dog by danilkin54
Suggester Says:"I love the colour tone, the movement captured and just how an adorable this child is, playing with such a gorgeous dog. "
Boy with dog by ~danilkin54

Suggested by Sarah-BK Featured by Kaz-D
Winter cold by iDementhia
Winter cold by *iDementhia

Suggested by spoems Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Batman Legend Of The Dark Knight B by Raapack
From the perspective, clean ink works and fantastic coloring, you'll find yourself filled with such awesome and amazing jaw dropping feelings while looking at Batman Legend Of The Dark Knight B by ~Raapack (lines and inks) and *SANTI-IKARI (colors).

Featured by jcroxas
Mr pingouin Oswald Cobblepot by bib0un
Spera Volume II: Issue Two Cover by AfuChan
DO IT AGAIN by Joe-Maccer
DO IT AGAIN by *Joe-Maccer

Suggested by LaraBLN Featured by SaTaNiA
Arrows by ERSTE
Arrows by ~ERSTE

Suggested by JohnVichlenski Featured by kiwi-pdd
Fiend + Boy by softmode
The suggester wrote "Well detailed, and flows extremely well." couldn't agree more! Fiend + Boy by *Doomfest

Suggested by James--Steele Featured by PolyMune
viking stock 22 by Liancary-art
[Stock and Resources] viking stock 22 by ~Liancary-Stock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Classique Royale by phydeau
Classique Royale by `phydeau

Suggested by CGiraldez Featured by DistortedSmile
3D Glasses Journal Skin by fantasy-alive
3D Glasses Journal Skin by =fantasy-alive

deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Installable Journal Skins

Featured by bradleysays
Walking Nose by SurinameBlogger
Walking Nose by ~SurinameBlogger is a very well executed photograph of an insect captured with intense detail. It's brilliant to see so much of something so small, and in sharp relief too.

Featured by 3wyl
Jen close up by Moondupion
Jen close up by ~Moondupion The suggester writes: As much as it may seem to be a small sculpture, this deviation is actually a costume intended for use a part of a stage production.

Suggested by ariko-yamato Featured by maytel
Love is in the air by Tabbiefox
Love is in the air by ~Tabbiefox
( Artist suggested by =Azzedar-san and countless others! )

Featured by KovoWolf
Red Macaw by DPA-avatars
Red Macaw by ~DPA-avatars shows that even a 50x50 canvas can hold an incredibly lifelike and detailed work.

Suggested by chibiifreak Featured by ValaSedai
The Caparison Logo by sohansurag
The Caparison Logo by ~sohansurag A best way to show the minimalism in brand identity. Simple / Sober / Straight. Must watch his complete gallery.

Featured by princepal