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Thursday, January 03, 2013
Sitting, waiting, wishing by AnnouncerGuy
The suggester states, "It puts my mind at ease whenever I look at Sitting, waiting, wishing by ~AnnouncerGuy <3"

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by jcroxas
I Was Meant To Do This (This Way, That Way) by Kyngdok
The suggester said: Superb use of print and etching make this picture a stand out. The way motion flows with the jacket on the figure seen is nothing less than wonderful. I Was Meant To Do This (This Way, That Way) by ~Kyngdok

Suggested by xlntwtch Featured by Astralseed
SATYR 2 by Yayashin
SATYR 2 by *Yayashin

Featured by Kenny-Winker
Only Escape by Rosuuri
When an artwork speaks as loud as Only Escape no words are needed! Close your eyes, let your innerself fly away and break free from the chains that imprison you. Freedom is as close as it can get thanks to =rosuuri!

Featured by rydi1689
Leftovers by Xylius
Leftovers by ~Xylius

Suggester Comments: "Xylius works are filled with incredible details and I simply cannot stop staring at those spectacular sceneries. I feel like being pulled into the worlds he creates, every time I look at one of his pieces."

Suggested by Ilionej Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Ice Cream MiniPus - Amigurumi Mini Octopi by pocket-sushi
A great crochet work and a beautiful design. The sprinkles are adorable! Ice Cream MiniPus - Amigurumi Mini Octopi by =pocket-sushi

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Talty
00617 by glassthroughskin
[Stock & Resources] The suggester states " 00617 by *glassthroughskin is highly useful texture with cracks, fine details and a wonderful gradient."

Suggested by Sirius-sdz Featured by Elandria
boat by nooraviiva
boat by ~nooraviiva is unique, clever and yet so simple. Everything combines to make this a fantastic shot.

Suggested by Rare-Pearl Featured by Kaz-D
the Other Side of the Mist by linxz2010
the Other Side of the Mist by ~linxz2010. Beautiful use of colors, highlights and shadows. The look of solace on this characters face can only bring you into the same realm of relaxation.

Featured by KovoWolf
The suggester says: it captures everything in the most beautiful and bone chilling way: definitions of reality, the devastation of growing up, self-inadequacies, and a sad glimpse of what sleep can really mean. Lullaby is by *ImMattyVYo deviant also suggested by *0hgravity

Suggested by intricately-ordinary Featured by Nichrysalis
Nightmare [Gengar Minimal, Pokemon] by Ruwah
Nightmare [Gengar Minimal, Pokemon] by *Ruwah i like the striking minimalism in this t-shirt design.

Featured by princepal
Relax by LaraBLN
Relax by *LaraBLN

Suggested by Anxo-Azrael Featured by SaTaNiA
Ancient Cave - UDK by ninjitsunami
A very impressive 3D cave environment Ancient Cave - UDK by ~ninjitsunami

Featured by PolyMune
Little planet by Hachiimi
Little planet by *Hachiimi
The suggester said: "This piece is so cute~ The colors are soft and the flow of feeling in "Little Planet" makes me smile". Also suggested by *Minato-Kushina

Suggested by Eirinatsumi Featured by sTiViA
Eiswelten I by mimose-stock
[Stock and Resources] Eiswelten I by ~mimose-stock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Julia by fotomartinez
This is a beautiful, classic portrait, accentuated by how the model, Julia, is framed fully and effectively. The depth of field is amazing as it guides us towards the face, and the light reflected through just adds more overall to this stunning piece by ~fotomartinez.

Suggested by CarmenVeloso Featured by 3wyl
Good Night Sleep Tight by Chukairi
Family, family
Center of our lives
Broken circle, heal thyself
Hands together, bind...

Good Night Sleep Tight; enchanting mixed media work from *Chukairi.

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by SRaffa
Quitely Melt Down by OnurKorpeoglu
Quietly Melt Down by =OnurKorpeogluis a dark and eloquently solemn abstraction with a strong funereal concept.

Featured by arctoa
The Sharpie Vs Acrylic Battle by PinstripeChris
In this battle the winner is the viewer! The Sharpie Vs Acrylic Battle by ~PinstripeChris

Featured by deshrubber
Extra portrait by AustinE15
Dark and atmospheric, Extra portrait by ~AustinE15 captures a feeling of theatrical horror in a traditional darkroom print.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Door of Night by zdrava
Door of Night by ~zdrava is an amazing typographic illustration for J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Silmarillion".
Take a look at the rest of ~zdravas gallery to find more amazing works accompanying this one.

Suggested by TiaVon Featured by pica-ae
loki by raspbearyart
loki by ~milkydayy

Suggested by Acaciathorn Featured by alexandrasalas