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Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Captain America bust by deadhead16mb
Cold by Parya-T
I don't want to swim the ocean
I don't want to fight the tide
I don't want to swim forever
When it's Cold I'd like to die…

Lamentations in watercolor from ~Parya-T.

Featured by SRaffa
Scavenger's Solace by MARX77
Scavenger's Solace by *MARX77 also suggested by ~ZiaulKareem

Suggested by JakezDaniel Featured by xbastex
Fleet Cheetah by FablePaint
Fleet Cheetah by =ESDA06. This piece has such a great composition of color. It has such a great palette of diversity; from the detailed character with vibrant, energetic colors to the subtle shading and highlights.

Featured by KovoWolf
Itachi Spirit by chris-anyma
Itachi Spirit by *chris-anyma

Suggested by SweetYuya Featured by alexandrasalas
2013 - Happy New Year! by takethef
2013 - Happy New Year! by `takethef This guys style is just simply mad!

Suggested by DoseOner Featured by kiwi-pdd
New Gothic Lolita 18 by Kechake-stock
[Stock and Resources] New Gothic Lolita 18 by ~Kechake-stock

Suggested by charligal-stock Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Endless Forest Themed Costume Design by DustinPanzino
Endless Forest Themed Costume Design by *DustinPanzino Suggester Said: Out of all the clothing and custom design I see on DA, this is one of my favorites, Also it would be nice to see that medium of art get more attention on DA!

Suggested by TheEnchantedWorld Featured by princepal
Totem Spirit Eagle by Ellyevans679
Totem Spirit Eagle by *Ellyevans679

Suggested by Lyricanna Featured by Aeirmid
Montain-stock streamy by streamy-stock
[Stock & Resources] Montain-stock streamy by *streamy-stock

Suggested by Malleni-Stock Featured by Elandria
Boston Rooftop by wwudesign
Boston Rooftop by ~wwudesign

Suggested by jussta Featured by Thiefoworld
Home by muse33
Home by ~muse33
The suggester said:
"I love this piece, from the drawing, the very soothing and calm colors plus the story line behind the beautiful image. Everything just blend so well"

Suggested by jcroxas Featured by rydi1689
Luana the Time traveler by MizaelTengu
I never pass up the chance to feature awesome character designers and :devMizaelTengu: is no exception. A unique character with a steampunk style design. Check out the rest of their awesome designs Luana the Time traveler by *MizaelTengu

Featured by PolyMune
Italy Blue by siby
There is something pure and beautiful about Italy Blue by *siby: a clean and calming natural abstraction of remarkable quality.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by arctoa
A place before the end. 5|52 by saratheresee
A place before the end. 5|52 by *saratheresee was also suggested by =Theapplescientist and is a moody, atmospheric capture.

Suggested by DpressedSoul Featured by Kaz-D
Mousse al pistacchio. Triptych by ChudnayaMamba
From a bird's eye perspective, Mousse al pistacchio. Triptych looks simply amazing! ~ChudnayaMamba makes this both colourful and creative to attract us with powerful effect. The arrangement is lovely and shows that much thought and time have been put into this piece.

Suggested by ValaSedai Featured by 3wyl
Winter Glow by baba49
Winter Glow by =baba49

Suggested by tatasz Featured by SaTaNiA
Tomb Raider -- Jolie style2 by PlanetDarkOne
The suggester states, "I couldn't stop marveling Tomb Raider -- Jolie style2 by *PlanetDarkOne for long minutes observing all the skilfully done details and elements. Not to mention that all this beauty was done with traditional media which definitely makes it even more special."

Suggested by Inna-Vjuzhanina Featured by jcroxas
painter by Slawekgruca
painter by ~Slawekgruca

Suggested by rioIu Featured by Astralseed
Nut by karsokarso
Nut by ~karsokarso

Suggested by Erozja Featured by Talty
Bronze Tree Themed Ceramic Bowl by ashynekosan
dom IV ... by MoniqueDeCaro
dom IV ... by *zoemon

Suggested by CarmenVeloso Featured by DistortedSmile
Espionage101 by milyKnight
Espionage101 by ~milyKnight

Suggester Comments: "There's something about it that I can't quite grasp that makes this artwork feel so ethereal and mesmerizing yet maintaining an alluring aura and a touch of danger!"

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by alltheoriginalnames