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Tuesday, January 01, 2013
Graphic from-form_12 by fromform
Moon God - 01 by amadiz
Moon God - 01 by *amadiz

Suggested by Marivel87 Featured by maytel
Sailor Moon - Princess Meteor (Kakyuu) 10 by Ank-sama
Vulture Mistress by ~Filip-Ok The suggester says, "This remarkable duo while jarring at first is a striking combination of both mother nature and human nature." *Please be respectful of the model in your comments.*

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Inspiration by HarizmaArt
Inspiration by ~HarizmaArt

Suggested by Jazz-Rhythm Featured by Thiefoworld
Sacher by C-91
Sacher by *C-91

Suggested by Emerald-Depths Featured by SaTaNiA
No dogs allowed by DanielGrzeszkiewicz
Giving the phrase "don't eat the yellow snow" a new meaning No dogs allowed by *DanielGrzeszkiewicz

Suggested by RadicalLizard Featured by Astralseed
Reaching the Ice Fortress... by XavierJamonet
"Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind." ~ Leonardo da Vinci Reaching the Ice Fortress... by *XavierJamonet

Featured by IsacGoulart
Merry go round by Lily-on-the-moon
The Shortcuts Glosary by Lumaga
[Stock and Resources] The Shortcuts Glosary by ~Lumaga

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Vanessa Psylocke 1a by jagged-eye
[Stock & Resources] Vanessa Psylocke 1a by *jagged-eye

Suggested by Yobtaf Featured by Elandria
Kelly by ride3932
Storms of thought and feeling weathered by Kelly; volatile watercolors from ~ride3932.

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by SRaffa
Hibiscus Flower by mlcamaro
Hold your breath, don't say a word, let our hearts connect and flourish our love... Hibiscus Flower's heart-stopping beauty is just one of the magnificient works that you'll find in ~mlcamaro's gallery!

Featured by rydi1689
Bone to Ash - MTG by ClintCearley
Bone to Ash - MTG by *Damascus5

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by PolyMune
S Road by Rawangtak
~Rawangtak captures an awesome perspective with the point of view in this glorious photograph. The colours have such vivacity that it feels as if life is pulsating through this piece, the force travelling with strength along the, aptly titled, S Road.

Featured by 3wyl
Ursula by myriamelle
Ursula by *myriamelle

Suggested by LiliWrites Featured by Lyricanna
Sneaking into Camp by daRoz
Happy New Year 2013 by PitiYindee
The artist was able to present many characters, each equipped with their own characteristics and persona which make this comic really interesting. Moreover, there's something in Happy New Year 2013 by ~PitiYindee that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, giving you a blast of optimism to start the new year right.

Featured by jcroxas
Enlightenment by Behana
The suggester writes, "Enlightenment by ~Behana shows incredible use of textures and light!" May 2013 enlighten each of us a bit more every day.

Suggested by Aelathen Featured by Aeirmid
Double Take by abcartattack
Double Take by *abcartattack

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by kiwi-pdd
all my loving by Snovi
all my loving by ~Snovi is delicate, soft and beautiful with lovely use of lighting to enhance the image.

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Kaz-D
Ancient Rome by vveste
Ancient Rome by ~vveste packs a lot of detail into a smooth animation. Also suggested by *spring-sky.

Suggested by Eitvys200 Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter