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Saturday, February 04, 2012
take a smile. by Shutter-Shooter
Take a smile by =Shutter-Shooter Also suggested by ~PurpleMelons and =PattonsOnlyGirl

Suggested by Kitsune-Nyx Featured by DemonMathiel
Good morning World II by Saladholic
Beautiful sunset and capture with a crisp silhouette.
Good morning World II by ~Saladholic

Suggested by sesam-is-open Featured by Kaz-D
Princess Zelda by Haawan
Princess Zelda by ~Haawan A lovely Zelda inspired pony.

Suggested by erisama Featured by UnicornReality
End by mpjawka
Notes that roll on winds with swirling wings
Brings me words that are not the strength of strings...

End; watercolors and felt pens from ~mpjawka.

Suggested by STelari Featured by SRaffa
Heirloom Bag by Marcusstratus
Heirloom Bag by *Marcusstratus Says the suggester "Do I really have to explain why I think this deserves a Daily Deviation? It's useful, good looking, and will last has everything!"

Suggested by VioletRosePetals Featured by FrockTarts
sanxian by S0O
sanxian by ~S0O shows a mysterious and serene mood.

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by alexandrasalas
Eat my Dust by bloknayrb
Eat my Dust by =bloknayrb

Suggested by QAuZ Featured by Casperium
symbolic self-portrait by outonalark
Suggester Said: " I love the colors and design to this. Also, I can't figure out why *Verraki isn't more popular, because her work is interesting and her characters are so appealing!" symbolic self-portrait by *Verraki

Suggested by Clockworkquark Featured by dust-bite
:x:Crooked House:x: by YukeraYasha
:x:Crooked House:x: by ~YukeraYasha The suggester wrote: "Crooked House is an incredibly magical piece that draws you in with its love for cute little details and well done shading."

Suggested by ValaSedai Featured by Lyricanna
Ragnarok by KarmaLizzard
Ragnarok by ~KarmaLizzard

Suggested by tinayan Featured by DieZori
UNKNOWN _QHD by in3xplicit
Inspector Cumulus by ChristianNauck
Inspector Cumulus by ~Manarama. Beautiful, whimsical, and imaginative, as well as gorgeously painted!

Featured by alicexz
Chinese Garden Water Pond by Enchantedgal-Stock
[stock & resources] Chinese Garden Water Pond by ~Enchantedgal-Stock

Suggested by Marazul45 Featured by Elandria
COMMISSION02 by cloverworkshop
COMMISSION02 by *President-Violent is a bright and warm drawing that gives you the feel of a summer day.

Featured by Nyiana-sama
Lady 3 by SimonWeaner
Lady 3, absolutely beautiful and striking work by ~Majora28. A very intriguing and intricate illustration that gives off such a sense of mystery!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by alicexz
Iguazu Falls by frienkink
Iguazu Falls by *frienkink

Suggested by xbastex Featured by trevg
Focal Pointe by ~moodscapes The suggester says, "Wow I love this pose. It makes me appreciate dancers, and great shots of them!"

Suggested by DRSPhotography Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Werewolf Attack (Old version) by LauraBevon
Werewolf Attack is by ~bilow

Featured by KovoWolf
Untitled by

Featured by
African Valley Icon by Tsebresos
Suggester says:"I am amazed by the peaceful flow of this icon.".
And I for one can't agree more: the animation in African Valley Icon by *Tsebresos is truly great!

Suggested by PutYourBraveFaceOn Featured by Hardrockangel
wasting time by yama100
wasting time by ~yama100 is a great concept of something we've probably all done a time or two...though vectoring could never be a waste of time, could it?

Featured by DomiSM
kick by Benowski
kick by ~Benowski Suggester says: "A fantastic example of how a keen street photographer can see and capture everyday's randomness in a fashion that brings smiles to our faces. Do yourself a favor and visit this deviant's gallery to see some truly sublime street photographs."

Suggested by Maclunar Featured by StamatisGR