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Saturday, December 29, 2012
A. F. by SzymonWajner
A. F.; outstanding portraiture in ink from ~swajner.

Suggested by little-billie Featured by SRaffa
Dwarven Treasure - Mithril Sheen by ce-e-vel
Dwarven Treasure - Mithril Sheen by ~ce-e-vel The suggester writes: It's nice to see work that physically represents both a fandom and an intriguing business.

Suggested by Vaporeon249 Featured by maytel
Dreaming dreams by Xsaye
Concealed feelings, secrecy and melancholy... Let us keep Dreaming dreams even if just for eternity... A mysterious and alluring love story by *Xsaye.

Suggested by Nesmaty Featured by rydi1689
Rip van Winkle 4 Pinkabsinthe by Pinkabsinthe
"The immaculate make up and styling of this glamour portrait displays alternative fashion beautifully."
Rip van Winkle 4 Pinkabsinthe by ~Pinkabsinthe

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by DistortedSmile
half pirates by scoppetta
half pirates by ~scoppetta now shows the quirky and fun side of the pirates (and even pirates wannabe). Andrea is known for his fantastic character designs with his unique drawing skills.

Featured by jcroxas
Funeral Party II by CocoKingsolver
There is an inherent darkness within Funeral Party II by *blueviolette, a haunting aesthetic which mirrors the abstracted nature of the subject matter.

Suggested by lameboat Featured by arctoa
Color Tutorial by BloodMoonEquinox
[Stock and Resources] Color Tutorial by =BloodMoonEquinox

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
To Blow Your Brains Out by CrimzonLogic
An interesting concept wonderfully illustrated To Blow Your Brains Out by ~CrimzonLogic

Suggested by 1pen Featured by Astralseed
Hurricane Sandy Branch by crunklen
Kat Beauty Shot by HecM
The artist did an excellent job modeling and texturing this model, and the studio did an excellent job finishing up the final render/pose/display. Great team work, great game work Kat Beauty Shot by *HecM

Suggested by keyan3d Featured by PolyMune
So free by Morgan-Lou
So free by =Morgan-Lou

Suggested by Nelleke Featured by IsacGoulart
Invasion by moonworker1
Invasion by *moonworker1

Suggested by Sugar-H Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Rockabye by SelinaFenech
Rockabye by ~SelinaFenech

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by STelari
Pumpkin king by Maho-Urei
Pumpkin king by ~Maho-Urei

Suggested by Lenore-Hug Featured by pullingcandy
Titan by KingMelissa
Titan by *KingMelissa

Suggested by MaddalinaMocanu Featured by Talty
Peppermint Dazzlers by DillonStein
Peppermint Dazzlers by *DillonStein is a fantastic and delicious looking still life arrangement.

Suggested by Savaliste Featured by Kaz-D
Exsanguinate by DesignbyKatt
Exsanguinate by *DesignbyKatt

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by Aeirmid
'you set my soul alight' by o0Andraste0o
"you set my soul alight" by ~o0Andraste0o. There's something striking and unique about this piece that really captivates the viewer and draws them into the scene. It makes your eyes wander to all the subtle and deliberate details. The highlights and shading are superb and you can't help but respect the imagination carved from this piece.

Featured by KovoWolf
2512121021 by basantis
2512121021 by *basantis

Suggested by Fiery-Fire Featured by SaTaNiA
The prostitution of the butterfly by Le-Garaehld
III. Skull Stock | 3/4 View by NaamahVonhell
[Stock & Resources] III. Skull Stock | 3/4 View by *NaamahVonhell A little creepy, but excellent for references and manipulations alike!

Suggested by diphylla Featured by Elandria
Christmas Kahos by yllya
Christmas Kahos by *yllya is beautifully illustrated with an interesting storyline. These components make this flash comic an enjoyable and delightful read.

Featured by SqueakyToybox