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Friday, December 28, 2012
Kokeshi by Natalia-Luz
A time of blossoming inside and out for Kokeshi; spectacular watercolors from =Natalia-Luz.

Featured by SRaffa
Cor Cordis by *SAB687

Suggested by XilaPhoenixArt Featured by Aeirmid
TLoK: we can't go back by Loika
TLoK: we can't go back by ~Loika

Suggested by kirei69 Featured by alexandrasalas
Technicolor Dream III by XkY
Technicolor Dream III evokes memories of a summer dream, mesmerizing watercolours by ~XkY

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by rydi1689
Land of the Valar by MaximeDaviron
From another galaxy by RenesmeeNessie
From another galaxy by ~RenesmeeNessie is a doll with incredible detail. The colors work well with each other in harmony, and make it quite the eye-popping doll.

Suggested by Karoiii Featured by IridescentStardust
[Stock & Resources] Gothic Fullbody LXXII by *Nirelstock

Suggested by conceptually Featured by Elandria
fatal femme by peek-a-bow
fatal femme by ~peek-a-bow tells a story with every character! The beautiful illustration style and simplicity make this a truly enjoyable alphabet.

Featured by pica-ae
Hanging out with Lulu and Skugen by BelovedUnderwing
The photo and atmosphere look like they came straight from a fantasy dream, and those costumes are full of detail and character, each one seems to tell a story. Hanging out with Lulu and Skugen by *Juileanna

Suggested by Ytril Featured by Talty
Bring on the Wonder by HeliacWolf
Bring on the Wonder by =HeliacWolf. The color scheme is breathtaking in this piece. The soft pinks and whites mix well with the background setting a warm yet cool mood. You have to appreciate the amount of detail that was put into the character. Especially the garb.

Featured by KovoWolf
inhale by =hhesitate

Suggested by Lucy-Merriman Featured by BeccaJS
Atlantis by Capilair
Aquarium by *Capilair is an imaginative storybook illustration.

Suggested by allyalltheway Featured by Astralseed
In the falling quiet by mehrmeer
In the falling quiet by *YourForgiveness is a quiet composition that's bathed in an appropriately frigid light.

Featured by arctoa
Broken stone texture red by Seeb-san
[Stock and Resources] Broken stone texture red by *Seeb-san

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
..: rain of light :.. by Moth-called-Marigold
Suggester Says: A wonderful combination of natural skill and being in the right place at the right time.
..: rain of light :.. by *Moth-called-Marigold

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by Kaz-D
Lottie 1 by kittenkitten
"With its unique style and composition, this portrait attracts your attention immediately!"
Lottie 1 by ~kittenkitten

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by DistortedSmile
A phenomenal poem with a chilling metaphor. Plow is by ~BeyondJen

Featured by Nichrysalis
Narcissus by Sagita-D
Narcissus by ~Sagita-D

Suggested by Thiefoworld Featured by STelari
Roses by CrystalCurtis
Stating *DameOdessa's comment in Roses by =firstfruits, "The colors are fantastic, mesmerizing harmony, dear! Such an elegant, handsome portrait!", I can't stand but agree with the comment because the portrait shows too much beauty and awe. Julie is one of the superstars in bringing beautiful characters to life!

Featured by jcroxas
Smile... by nader-tharwat
Featured is a colourful, beautiful piece by ~nader-tharwat. The timing of the shot feels just right with the expressions captured in all the faces turned towards us. The lighting complements that well, and it's just awesome how Smile... isn't necessarily posed or planned in its lovely, natural simplicity.

Featured by 3wyl
Adrenaline by Ludifico
Adrenaline by =Ludifico

Suggested by vulcania Featured by SaTaNiA