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Thursday, December 27, 2012
Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum by AnaSBertola
Bokeh brush set by vadimfrolov
[Stock & Resources] Bokeh brush set by =vadimfrolov

Suggested by SaloGuardione Featured by Elandria
Rushing by adamcroh
Rushing by ~adamcroh

Featured by Kaz-D
at long last by kidchan
Everlasting bonds, never ending love, unconditional trust... at long last by *kidchan magnificiently conveys these feelings with just a glance!

Featured by rydi1689
Mirror Mirror on the Wall by KimberlyGarland
Beautiful, festive and tranquil.
Mirror Mirror on the Wall by ~KimberlyGarland

Featured by DistortedSmile
shall we begin stargazing? by countercanon
shall we begin stargazing? by ~countercanon shows great attention to the construction and use of hue shifted and reusable colours within connecting gradient ramps as well as simply being a very pleasant and adorable piece to look at.

Suggested by ClefairyKid Featured by ValaSedai
Winter 2012 Haiku Set by ~RedDragonfly is a spectacular example of the calming nature of haikus. A haiku does not need to follow a 5-7-5 syllable pattern and the form is wonderfully executed here.

Featured by Nichrysalis
Seed - Environment 7 by Justinoaksford
A rich environment filled with great architecture and organic elements. Seed - Environment 7 by ~Justinoaksford

Suggested by Quolia Featured by PolyMune
Lincoln Upon His Favored Bell by LindaRHerzog
White Hole 01 by SheldonChung
Unique, ambitious, and astonishing; the pentaptych Group Oil Painting 01, by ~SheldonChung.

Suggested by SarahMNomani Featured by SRaffa
tribal gold II by jl-modelstock
[Stock and Resources] tribal gold II by *jlior

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
L-U-S-T by Lullipops
L-U-S-T by ~Lullipops shows fantastic attention to detail in both colour and texture. Great work.

Featured by TheLastHuzzah
a few more steps by *suerdas

Featured by xbastex
Synthetic Eden by *ArtByEmz
The suggestor says, "It is an absolutely stunning animation, especially for her first animated short film!"

Suggested by TimberClipse Featured by kingmancheng
Catwoman by AerodynamicMountains
There's something about Logan's gallery that will surely make you enjoy his works. The playful textures and painting techniques in Catwoman by ~AerodynamicMountains show how unique and special his gallery is, so be sure to check his other works!

Featured by jcroxas
Latte by rookscry
The suggester said: Love the creativeness of this piece! The tentacles coming out of the coffee cup and the anatomy of the hands & body are also nicely done. I also like how he used the same colors of greens and purples of the tentacles into the background with the coffee. Latte by ~Corvyus

Suggested by Ev-sta Featured by Astralseed
#000041 by LightBulbMoon
#000041 by ~LightBulbMoon
Suggester words: "The structure and design is outstanding, and the colors blend perfectly!".

Suggested by fraterchaos Featured by SaTaNiA
Ecume by benjoin
With an engaging palette of tones, Ecume by ~benjoin is a fine capture: the sense of motion acts as a poignant departure from regular perception.

Suggested by halcyonshores Featured by arctoa
The Lady of the Forest by TheIronRing
The Lady of the Forest by ~TheIronRing The suggester writes: A beautiful, elegant piece, worthy of much more attention! Also suggested by :devRTNightmare:

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by maytel
not dead poster by marzini
not dead poster by ~marzini is a creative and outstanding typographic illustration, playing with depth, perspective and colors to create an impressive work.

Featured by pica-ae
abstract composition by tehub
abstract composition by ~tehub

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by deshrubber
.Catahecassa Colour. by Asyd-Rayn
.Catahecassa Colour. by ~Asyd-Rayn is one of those pieces that deserves a lot of respect for the amount of time and energy that went into making this piece. This leaves the viewer with a lot of admiration for every little detail carved, etched and colored within this piece!

Featured by KovoWolf
Tasty milk breakfast by NastyaTulupova
Tasty milk breakfast is just what we need in the morning! ~NastyaTulupova captures a wonderful composition! The subject is familiar to most of us, if not all, and it's fantastic to see two images paired together to form a square-like piece overall.

Featured by 3wyl
Merlin by aprilis420
Merlin by ~aprilis420

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by alexandrasalas