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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Ambigram ambigram by arpad
Ambigram ambigram by ~arpad

Suggested by Armonah Featured by princepal
Stock 192 by Lady-Moriendistock
[Stock and Resources] A lovely depiction of Ophelia ready for you to use in your artwork! Stock 192 by ~Lady-Moriendistock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Forest Journey by JoachimB
Forest Journey by ~JoachimB

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Crying In The Rain Walkthrough by CobraVenom
Subterranean Abstract Plant by Dave-Heyborne
Subterranean Abstract Plant by =Niophe captures beauty in natural complexity; an earthen abstraction with a delicate tonal range.

Featured by arctoa
Gaia Project VI by dorukseymen
*dorukseymen makes this intriguing by deciding to shoot a model in between a machine so contrasted by the delicate femininity in the model whose pose is powerful in its elegance. He opens up Gaia Project VI to many interpretations and concepts, emphasising how much depth there is overall.

Suggested by Something-True924 Featured by 3wyl
Comb 'Kraken' by WhiteSquaw
Comb 'Kraken' by ~WhiteSquaw The suggester writes: The artist's gallery is a lovely display of the gorgeous possibilities of electroplating and wire wrapping.

Suggested by cakecrumbs Featured by maytel
Shot by BW-999
Shot by ~BW-999

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by pullingcandy
Kattvinge by afugatt
Kattvinge by *afugatt

Suggested by LaraBLN Featured by SaTaNiA
The Beyond by neverdying
The Beyond by *neverdying

Suggested by MonaParvin Featured by Aeirmid
Fishing for a Kingyo Hata no Hyakki by darkn2ght
Fishing for a Kingyo Hata no Hyakki is an impressive piece in every single aspect! Everything flows gracefully, bringing the character and its surroundings to life as well as making it all feel magical and ethereal! The rest of *darkn2ght's gallery is a must see!

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by rydi1689
Sugar and Cyanide by HopeHavoc
Sugar and Cyanide by ~HopeHavoc

Suggested by Kiaki--chan Featured by DistortedSmile
Shuttle Endeavour East of The Forum by exopix
Shuttle Endeavour East of The Forum by ~exopix is a rather epic circular panorama. The suggester says, " the picture made the Space Shuttle Endeavour Look like she was on top of the world, and to be honest by the turn out of the crowds that came to see her and my fascination with her, she certainly was!"

Suggested by JennieO-of-Hyrule64 Featured by RockstarVanity
PH: Chessmaster by numina-namine
PH: Chessmaster by ~numina-namine

Suggested by flouvl Featured by Lyricanna
The Pianist by Ishyndar
The Pianist by ~Ishyndar

Featured by deshrubber
old evil goblin by dron111
old evil goblin by ~dron111

Suggested by adlovett Featured by Moonbeam13
Fibonacci by JonoDry
Fibonacci by ~JonoDry

Suggested by Trichardsen Featured by SRudy
Christmas card by natasas
The drawing style in Christmas card by ~natasas is very classic in the cartoons and comic world. The atmosphere is also very festive and the message of unity and love is present and serves as a very friendly reminder for us as we continue to celebrate the season of Christmas.

Suggested by neurotype Featured by jcroxas
Frigg by Evidriell
The suggester said: " Beautifully and carefully performed, and symmetric wire wrapping is really difficult." Frigg by ~Evidriell

Suggested by ukapala Featured by Talty
How about a tea ... by RalfPfaarPhotography
GAME: Shmootziepooh! by cubehero
Very cute, festive christmas themed game with a unique style and full of beautiful colours!Shmootziepooh! by *cubehero

Featured by PolyMune
231212 Waiting... by NineThousandOnes
Encountering thoughts both trivial and profound as a consequence of Waiting... Exemplary sketch work from ~NineThousandOnes.

Featured by SRaffa