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Saturday, December 22, 2012
Nintendo Icons by toddham
What more could the hardcore Nintendo fan wish for in an Icon set? Nintendo Icons by ~toddham

Suggested by Retro-Death Featured by ValaSedai
Vader's Chosen by R1VENkassle
Vader's Chosen by *JsunDmint

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Talty
Fruit Flutes by beaudeeley
Fruit Flutes by ~beaudeeley

Suggested by TiaVon Featured by SaTaNiA
Grand Bear by HiromichiMusha
All territorial disputes to be settled by the Grand Bear; a lovely acrylic painting from ~HiromichiMusha.

Suggested by Exillior Featured by SRaffa
javik by brinx-II
javik by ~brinx2

Suggested by Padzi Featured by Lyricanna
Chii by Letaur
Chi by ~Letaur

Suggested by Lady-I-Hellsing Featured by pullingcandy
Gothic Textures Pack by XiuLanStock
[Stock and Resources] Gothic Textures Pack by ~XiuLanStock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
In The Brush by mimetalk
An effective black and white drawing with lovely stylization In The Brush by =mimetalk

Suggested by limnides Featured by Astralseed
Dragon Commander: Character Arc by orogion
Really interesting and well designed characters for an upcoming game Dragon Commander: Character Arc by ~orogion

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by PolyMune
Jennifer Lopez by nellies
"Fresh, classy, beautiful. The colors are really amazing and give so much awe to the whole picture. Plus, the execution in rendering the facial structure and other body parts + the gorgeous hair make this more amazing! This is really lovely!" Jennifer Lopez by ~nellies

Suggested by jcroxas Featured by ChewedKandi
CAVE by Byzwa-Dher
CAVE by *Byzwa-Dher

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Everything a big bad wolf could want by tscharlie
Interesting concept - you almost don't notice the blood around her mouth.
Everything a big bad wolf could want by ~tscharlie

Featured by DistortedSmile
The herbalist by VirginieCarquin
The Dark Crystal by PainlessJames
The Dark Crystal by *PainlessJames There is something quite pleasing about a subtle nod to a childhood favorite permanently etched on a grownup.

Suggested by aruachan Featured by Battledress
Estigia: Sheep and squirrel by elypsiaproject
Sheep and squirrel by ~elypsiaproject The suggester says: "I think that Elypsia did a careful job on this picture in which she creates a composition full of colorl and magic."

Suggested by kuroartemis Featured by maytel
Zamanin Izi by oguzhanerdogan
Zamanin Izi by ~oguzhanerdogan is a portrait with a sense of mystery and history.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Twins by ooOIndreOoo
Twins is a fantastic collaboration from models ~ooOIndreOoo, ~AnnWed and the Photographer - ~L-Netz

Featured by Kaz-D
Snow by zhongbiao
Snow by ~zhongbiao
The newly born Season marks the beginning of a new journey, a new adventure, a new life... Though the path is hidden in the snow and the future might seem uncertain, do not fear... You will never be alone.

Featured by rydi1689
Wasteland ID by Karezoid
Wasteland ID by ~Karezoid

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Featured by bradleysays
TMI:City of Bones - Film Poster(s) by far-eviler
Golden storm by decoybg
[Stock & Resources] Golden storm by ~decoybg

Featured by Elandria
Dark Goddess by CGSoufiane
Dark Godess by ~streetX222

Suggested by AF-studios Featured by Aeirmid