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Friday, December 21, 2012
SAMSON, On Himself by atofu
The ongoing series about the life of Samson is loved by many as he shares his thoughts, ideas and the the principles in life and SAMSON, On Himself by ~atofu is definitely worth checking (and the whole gallery too).

Featured by jcroxas
Frozen by JeremyYoung
The cold colours in Frozen by ~JeremyYoung are a beautiful mix, and give this vexel a real wintery feel.

Featured by TheLastHuzzah
I am the poison for your soul by D-Ancient
If true love is the venom of my heart, then I am the poison for your soul; visionary pigmentations from ~D-Ancient.

Suggested by Ernstilicious Featured by SRaffa
The Garden of Good And Evil by AlexandraVBach
Miniature Butterflies Glass Dome Pendants by Gloomyswirl
Miniature Butterflies Glass Dome Pendants by =Gloomyswirl One would never guess that these gorgeous miniature glass domes are actually wearable pendants!

Featured by maytel
The Embattled Kitchen by SpicyHorseOfficial
Sad to hear this didn't make the cut in the game, but really unique perspective and beautiful technique and colours mix well with this unused concept piece from "Alice: Madness Returns" game. The Embattled Kitchen by *SpicyHorseOfficial

Suggested by DeathOfASalesLlama Featured by PolyMune
sirius by skulkey
sirius by ~skulkey

Featured by SaTaNiA
Scai's Room by 100chihuahuas
Scai's Room by ~100chihuahuas

Suggesters Comments: "Scai's Room is a great piece of work that shows true 3D craftsmanship. The detail in the modeling, texturing, and beautiful lighting really capture the mood of a decrepit yet charming and whimsical room. Every time I look at it I find a new detail I missed the time before."

Suggested by bretmcnee Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Winter Solstice by Sun-Seeker
Admire the Winter Solstice stars in Winter Solstice by *Sun-Seeker...made from 70 RAW photos!

Featured by RockstarVanity
Mayan Civilization by boosoohoo
Predict The Future by destil1
Untitled by aerendial
shadowplay no2134 by ~aerendial captures attention by being a study of light itself: it is a pure abstract whose sense of mystery fires the imagination.

Suggested by KizukiTamura Featured by arctoa
Faces of the City 137 by sagittariusgallery
In Faces of the City 137 *sagittariusgallery uses oil, enamel, and ink on canvas to create an intriguing painting.

Suggested by LiliWrites Featured by Astralseed
Nymph by Emmatyan
The suggester says, "The reason why I love this photograph is the mood and atmosphere. When I look at this picture, the model's face and pose in particular make me feel lost, and, most of all, it makes me feel a little homesick... That's why I think this photograph is very nicely captured; it expresses a lot, at least to me."

Nymph by ~Emmatyan

Suggested by frantices Featured by 3wyl
Christmas gallows-tree by If-You-Want
Christmas gallows-tree by ~If-You-Want is a wonderful capture of an urban setting.

Featured by Kaz-D
New Majora's Mask Closeup by HylianJean
New Majora's Mask Closeup by *HylianJean is a perfect reproduction!

Suggested by cakecrumbs Featured by Talty
The emotion just bleeds from the words as they blend into one another, making it impossible to stop reading says the suggester. we should celebrate is by ~EternalSunday

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by Nichrysalis
Downtown Christmas by marymouse
Downtown Christmas by ~marymouse brings you back to those fond memories of shopping with your loved ones during the holiday seasons. Enjoying every little detail that is on display. Especially the lights and the magic felt in the air. A beautiful little story told with such a cute couple.

Featured by KovoWolf
Monster in a Candy Land by Fitografito
STOCK - Magic by pamstock
[Stock and Resources] STOCK - Magic by ~pamstock

Suggested by LibertineM Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Pixel Tree - For Anouk by Bimmerd
Suggester Comment: 'This must be one of the most beautiful pixelled tree's I've seen around. The angle and perspective would be hard to do, but it still looks spot on. Not to mention the colors used are just excellent.' Pixel Tree - For Anouk by *Bimmerd

Suggested by Aluri Featured by ValaSedai
Rouge gorges by megounette
Autumn has come and gone, long past are the memories of the first falling leaves drifting away in the wind, but *megounette keeps them alive in Rouge gorges. Let us bid Autumn farewell with this ravishing artwork!

Featured by rydi1689