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Thursday, December 20, 2012
Yellow by ~Betnii captures the heartbreak of a teen romance. As the suggester says, "By the end, you have the feeling that you've just looked through someone's memory box, touched the yellowing pages of an old love letter; glimpsed a yellowed photograph, worn from repeated caress."

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by neurotype
advice by basharbbr
advice by ~basharbbr “Every man, however wise, needs the advice of a friend in the affairs of life.” ~ Plautus

Featured by IsacGoulart
195 by Sea-Of-lLights
195 by *Sea-Of-lLights is an outsanding departure from the mundane; a dream-like narrative that the artist calls Gedankenfotografie, or photography of thoughts.

Featured by arctoa
Moon by SiljaVich
Moon by *SiljaVich

Featured by STelari
Last Charge by EMGist
Last Charge by ~EMGist

Suggested by mamiffer Featured by Astralseed
Chase by bpsola
Chase by ~bpsola

Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Rebirth by thomasmuse
Rebirth by =thomaslabadia

Suggested by FurorArt Featured by Aeirmid
Eyecons 2012 by Zyden
Eyecons 2012 by *Zyden

Featured by ValaSedai
Tribal Portrait VI by Genevieve-Amelia
Tribal Portrait VI by ~Genevieve-Amelia The suggester writes: The artist has created an incredible headdress artwork. Using ornate feathers, a “tattooed” animal skull, beads and jewelry it invokes New Orleans Mardi Gras pageantry "voodoo" headdresses used for celebrations and rituals. Be sure to check out the two other works in this series.

Suggested by nine9nine9 Featured by maytel
snowmen christmas balls (in my shop) by DoodleWithGlueGun
The suggester said: just check out their wonderful expressions. These guys left me smiling. snowmen christmas balls (in my shop) by *DoodleWithGlueGun

Suggested by SeaSpryte Featured by Talty
Witch_dragon_Alexandrescu_Paul by AlexandrescuPaul
A Cup Of Potpourri by BarryGreenland
A Cup Of Potpourri by ~BarryGreenland is a beautiful diptych featuring two photographs that complement each other wonderfully. The contrasting points of view add interest to this piece with the combination of the two photographs really conveying the contents of the cup and beyond to maximum effect.

Featured by 3wyl
Winter Falls by darknatasha
Winter Falls by ~darknatasha. What is there not to love about Anthro white tigers lounging around in the cold snow? The traditional details are just breathtaking. All the way from those captivating eyes down to the swirl of the tail.

Featured by KovoWolf
love song of spring evening by arui001
Mist by E-X-P-I-E
Mist by *E-X-P-I-E

Featured by sTiViA
Cupcakes and Co. Logo by lengkyx
Slante by pascalferry
Slante by ~pascalferry

Suggested by Yoann-Lossel Featured by SRudy
Her Majesty The Desert by Bex-Photography
The colours, location and general emotive feel captured in Her Majesty The Desert by ~Bex-Photography work together to create something unique and inspiring.

Featured by Kaz-D
Where aliens sleep by Vidom
Where aliens sleep by ~Vidom
Suggester words: "The image's impeccable lighting and overall polish is an achievement in itself. The work has such presence that you forget it's a fractal."

Suggested by LightBulbMoon Featured by SaTaNiA
How to Take Decent Photos of your Handmade Crafts by Endless-Ness
[Stock and Resources] How to Take Decent Photos of your Handmade Crafts by ~Nessamh

Suggested by maytel Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Power by nutsapple
Creative composition and HDR processing make Power by ~nutsapple a strong image of man and machine.

Featured by RockstarVanity
phonhe and dhakry by urita
phonhe and dhakry by ~urita oozes sophistication and delicacy in every inch! The colours blend in very nicely and their expressions breathe life into these beautiful characters!

Suggested by flouvl Featured by rydi1689
h0meGrown 5ouL 1.3 by mekhz
A high rustling whistling noise was coming toward me from where the leaf-light was strongest, a whispery sound of movement. My skin felt icy. The sound dragged toward me.
Then I saw her.

–PETER STRAUB, If You Could See Me Now
h0meGrown 5ouL 1.3; watercolors, colored pencils, and white chalk, from ~mekhz.

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by SRaffa
Apocalypse by VeroNArt
Apocalypse by ~VeroNArt

Suggested by TommyGK Featured by pullingcandy
retna ''vans'' by ssamba
retna ''vans'' by ~ssamba

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by kiwi-pdd
Seeds of Mourning cover by JeremyTreece
Seeds of Mourning cover by ~JeremyTreece is a very compelling book cover that gives an intense feeling and tease in knowing the whole story.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by jcroxas
Hells Bells by Hands-and-Teeth
[Stock & Resources] Hells Bells by *ItHasTeeth

Featured by Elandria