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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
sweet kingdom hearts nails by Nanayuki
Tiny, fun and colorful nails that capture the spirit of the game. These are but an example of all the beautiful nails in this deviant's gallery. sweet kingdom hearts nails by ~Nanayuki

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Talty
Nicholas by patbremer
Nicholas by ~patbremer

Featured by Moonbeam13
Rexxar by TamplierPainter
Rexxar by ~TamplierPainter

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by alexandrasalas
gifted kid by pettryb
gifted kid by ~pettryb

Suggested by flouvl Featured by STelari
Night on the Town by FarDareisMai
Night on the Town by `FarDareisMai really showcases Jess's skill. The whole fractal look like a melody, you could easily imagine a old blues-man reading this as his guitar score in the darkness of a famous Chicago blues club...

Suggested by Daeurth Featured by SaTaNiA
In my head by yuki-k
This piece might not be as visually appealing as the rest of *yuki-k's gallery but In my head spoke directly to my heart through its meaning and all the feelings it conveys. A black and white journey into the mind; let your senses be blinded, your limbs be held but never let your reality crumble.

Suggested by Kaze-Ki Featured by rydi1689
The Floor is Lava by DerekHunter
The Floor is Lava by ~dhstyle is definitely reliving our special, adventurous and very imaginative childhood memories.

Featured by jcroxas
18 Karat Gold by Moonlight-Traveller
18 Karat Gold by *Moonlight-Traveller is a soft, beautiful collaboration between Photographer and Model.

Featured by Kaz-D
Rock-a-Tac : SteamPunk Level by samavan
A very talented game artist who specializes in low poly modeling/texturing. The tiny details in this piece are superb and very close to the original concept. Rock-a-Tac : SteamPunk Level by ~samavan

Featured by PolyMune
Be Light by solefield
Be Light by *solefield is a beautifully contemplative natural abstraction with an ethereal presence.

Featured by arctoa
Diplo 5 by Huguettepizzic
Diplo 5 by *Huguettepizzic

Featured by mamiffer
Commission:Sealiah by tandolcedeco
Commission:Sealiah by *tandolcedeco is a warm and peaceful piece. Simply amazing!

Featured by sTiViA
Finch by rebtang900
Gorgeous soft setting and interesting set, with such a perfect pinup pose.
Deviant featured is the model.
Finch by ~rebtang900

Featured by DistortedSmile
Mojito by st-valentin
Mojito by ~st-valentin is an almost hyper realistic allrounder icon filled with a fantastic amount of detail which even shows part of the creation process.

Suggested by stekiros Featured by ValaSedai
Shelter by tadas0
Shelter by ~tadas0

Featured by Thiefoworld
... by Lais-Pinheiro
... by ~Lais-Pinheiro

Suggested by x-xSpitFirex-x Featured by Aeirmid
Ika Mauliana Astuti by IborArt
~IborArt has a unique and beautiful style, which is shown off wonderfully in this piece, Ika Maulina. Lovely!

Featured by TheLastHuzzah
Amigurumi Jedi by missdolkapots
It shows that a lot of time, patience and thought went into making this Jedi, with lightsaber and all! Amigurumi Jedi by ~missdolkapots

Featured by maytel
Koldun by Juzz09
Koldun by ~Juzz09 What a fantastical and imaginative place.

Suggested by mamiffer Featured by Astralseed
Fishing Boat by JacqChristiaan
Fishing Boat by =JacqChristiaan is a gorgeous example of a film photograph enhanced with digital processing.

Featured by RockstarVanity
The Pain is Started by BUNNYxHEAD
The suggester said, "Chillingly in focus and has such a high level of detail. I find it beautiful in a painful sort of way." and I hope you all agree.
The Pain is Started by ~BUNNYxHEAD

Suggested by devious-snake Featured by pullingcandy
Viking_Undead_Flash by Jugganaut-Cubano
brewery S is a seriously intense panorama. Taking about eight photographs to stitch together, ~BramvdZPhotography captures the ambience of the vast place extraordinarily well, especially with the natural sky looking so blue as to be unnatural, almost, contrasted with the variety of coloured lights below. Excellent timing and execution!

Featured by 3wyl
GemGalz - Jade playset by steffne
The suggester said: "*steffne's Flash playsets always make me feel very nostalgic for my old toys and this one in particular is a real treat to play. The animations and interactive background pieces are wonderful details. And being able to design my own necklace is a lovely bonus!"

Suggested by Gasara Featured by SqueakyToybox
Wgnr Itaquera by WgnrGui
Wgnr Itaquera by ~WgnrGui

Featured by kiwi-pdd