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Friday, December 14, 2012
The Hobbit - Wood burning by brandojones
The Hobbit - Wood burning by ~brandojones is a beautiful pyrography work full of detail and depth.

Suggested by Airukan Featured by Talty
..ks.. by tbencik-photography
The black and white contrast in this piece highlights how classic a wedding shot this is. It's fantastic to see such contrast in the focus too as our eyes are drawn skilfully towards the married couple. An exquisite piece is ..ks.. by ~tbencik-photography!

Featured by 3wyl
At first glance, on a small thumb, one would think that this is a woman's photograph. The details are so realistic. This doll is outrageously beautiful. 'Taiga' #6/25 by ~Kaa-Annaku

Featured by maytel
Ice by SusieStock
[Stock & Resources] Ice by ~SusieStock

Suggested by pica-ae Featured by Elandria
Change your...fate? by Kuitsuku
Change your...fate? by =Kuitsuku is just one in a great Disney and Pokemon crossover series. All of these are quirky, light hearted and have great use of colour and subtle texture.

Featured by Lyricanna
Owl by MariLucia
Owl by ~MariLucia

Suggested by cloe-patra Featured by KovoWolf
Pirates for Hire by Steelgoddess
irotukinoe by musubunakai
Transformative encounters in the city; irotukinoe; a graceful and enigmatic vision from ~musubunakai.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
Medusa by maxeremine
Medusa by ~maxeremine is a digital double exposure which combines a delicate colour palette with strong lines to create a darkly surreal result.

Featured by RockstarVanity
OC : Pheonix flame Swords by ClearEchoes
OC : Pheonix flame Swords by *ClearEchoes is a piece full of fiery colors and a great sense of dynamism.

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by Miss-It-Girl
just_like_you by depinz
Hearts speak louder than words in just_like_you. Uncontrollable feelings that we hold inside and never seem to let out...The beauty of being secretly in love finely portrayed by *depinz.

Suggested by iingo Featured by rydi1689
Burning by carlx
Burning by ~carlx

Featured by SaTaNiA
A beautiful sky by Tumana-stock
[Stock and Resources] A beautiful sky by ~Tumana-stock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Centaine.Revival by Matkraken
Centaine.Revival by *Matkraken, also suggested by =StarsColdNight and ~KalosysArt

Suggested by Eledhwen-Arts Featured by Aeirmid
Lostlegends Warmonger by the-John-Doe
A stunning illustration! Very dynamic and striking story within a concept for a game.Lostlegends Warmonger by ~the-John-Doe

Featured by PolyMune
GK Creative by DarkStaLkeRR
GK Creative by ~DarkStaLkeRR

Suggested by RaymondGD Featured by princepal
SUED by ~SUED053

Featured by kiwi-pdd
Dark Revelation 1 Cover by Tonywash
Dark Revelation is a product of the amazing collaboration of many people and you can see how they put so much effort in making this comic series to life. Dark Revelation 1 Cover by *Tonywash (colors)

Featured by jcroxas
Celestial Crevasse by saturnspace
Celestial Crevasse by =saturnspace

Suggested by EverfreeSculpting Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Elk by latyll
Suggested by several deviants.

Elk by ~latyll

Featured by Thiefoworld
The Forgotten Prodigy by Jeff-Bartels
The suggester said: This piece has great shading, colors, and shows masterful technique. The Forgotten Prodigy by *Jeff-Bartels

Suggested by James--Steele Featured by Astralseed
Pixel Water Drop by Kawiku
A simple object displayed in an almost magically beautiful way showing almost flawless technique. Pixel Water Drop by =Kawiko

Featured by ValaSedai