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Thursday, December 13, 2012
Norway 102 by lonelywolf2
Norway 102 by ~lonelywolf2 is a breathtaking example of great composition and impeccable balance. The vast beauty of the landscape and sky is brilliantly reflected in the serene, mirror-like lake water, adding that extra touch to the incredible view.

Featured by IsacGoulart
Tako E by estria
Tako E by ~estria

Featured by kiwi-pdd
The man who talks to pigeons by Seb-Photos
Absence Of Colour by xKimJoanne
Untitled by ~xKimJoanne is beautiful in every respect from pose, to lighting to tones.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by Kaz-D
Icons 2 by Esava
Suggester Comment: 'It is really hard to find a good non-pixeled avatar, so I was more than happy to find such stunning artwork. Her coloring-skills are marvelous, and her shading-style is very impressive. Each of the icons tells a different story, it is really worth looking some time at them!' Icons 2 by *Esava

Suggested by Nippon-Okami Featured by ValaSedai
LAV Flutter-Pack Blue 01 by geoectomy-stock
[Stock and Resources] LAV Flutter-Pack Blue 01 by ~geoectomy-stock

Suggested by LibertineM Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Skolkovo-Saint Petersburg by inObrAS
Skolkovo-Saint Petersburg by *inObrAS can be summarized in one word: brilliant. Also suggested by ~reveur-artiste and =ChiantyVex.

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by Aeirmid
labyrinth by Eddy-Swan-Colors
The suggester states, "The composition and colours in labyrinth by *Eddy-Swan (colors), *JeffStokely (lines) and *TrinityMathews (flats) are amazing, it really draws my eye!

Suggested by Suiish Featured by jcroxas
Growing by jauni
Growing by ~Sunnypop is an adorable piece with beautiful soft colors and good use of perspective.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Modern Picasso by Saju90
dreams old men dream... by thesadstork
A conceptual piece with a strong surreal narrative, dreams old men dream... by ~thesadstork displays, in the artist's own words, contemporary constellations. It is an intriguing alternate view of the night sky.

Featured by arctoa
Mice strike again! III by ClaireBriant
Mice strike again! III by ~ClaireBriant don't forget to watch this deviant's gallery to see more parts of this adorable set of mice!

Suggested by Pencil-Stencil Featured by Talty
Engines of Creation by Cosmic-Cuttlefish
Let fly by ItoMaki
Let fly by ~ItoMaki

Suggested by DivineDesserts Featured by alexandrasalas
Borderline of Morning Glow by iHateBubble-Tea
The secret avenues of thermal and deflective air currents at the Borderline of Morning Glow; pencil and watercolors, from ~iHateBubble-Tea.

Suggested by Ev-sta Featured by SRaffa
Heavenly Path by Jungle-Fire
ElemenTees: GeNiUS by DANgerous124
ElemenTees: GeNiUS by ~DANgerous124 is a genius design, the way he used the elements to make this t-shirt is very attractive.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by princepal
Titan of Braavos by zippo514
Titan of Braavos by ~zippo514

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by Lyricanna
heavenly dog by sayuuhiro
heavenly dog by ~SHION999

The suggester said:
"A fabulous piece with nice texture and patterns. As well as the perfect shading on the hair, outfit and the wings."

Suggested by shrimpHEBY Featured by rydi1689
Endlessdream by chvacher
Endlessdream by *chvacher

Featured by deshrubber
Hey Blue ! by Kme
Hey Blue ! by *kme is such a fun experience with a cute, inquisitive character at the helm! This piece has captured the character in one of those 'should I or should I not' moments and it's simply priceless. The colors are fun and energetic and you can't help but admire the bravery that is being contemplated in the characters head!

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by KovoWolf
Dream by Shadow-of-Destiny
Dream by *Shadow-of-Destiny

Suggested by Firey-Flamy Featured by Astralseed
Cardboard views by MaboroshiTira
The suggester says: It's a HUGE cardboard gameboy! It looks like it took forever to make and it is detailed down to the smallest feature. It even has a giant cardboard game pack. Cardboard views by ~MaboroshiTira

Suggested by Know-Kname Featured by maytel
calm by LucieG-Stock
[Stock & Resources] calm by *LucieG-Stock

Suggested by PriscillaSantana Featured by Elandria
Pearknight by satsume-shi
Pearknight by ~satsume-shi is a pixel pear with attitude and engaging animation.

Featured by ClefairyKid
. n e u r o t i c i s m . by asainemuri
The dark tones of both the foreground and background in . n e u r o t i c i s m . by *asainemuri brilliantly fit the atmosphere and mood of this powerful photograph. The angle accentuates the creative image of the tattoos, making it an intriguing shot overall.

Suggested by toyboxparade Featured by 3wyl
The races from the Land of Etheron by engkit
Really cool base concepts of some interesting looking races! Be sure to check out the rest of this deviant's gallery for some other great work! The races from the Land of Etheron by ~engkit

Featured by PolyMune