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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
fairytale by LisbethPhotography
The suggester says, "An expressive portrait of unique clarity and beauty!"

fairytale by ~LisbethPhotography

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by 3wyl
Ataraxia by JesusCareaga
Ataraxia by ~JesusCareaga

Suggested by Naariel Featured by Aeirmid
Blackened brass monogoggle/eyepatch set by AmbassadorMann
Stash - The Beautiful Client by Pickley
Stash - The Beautiful Client - A beautifully coded and designed app by =Pickley and $Ikue that allows users to upload images and text on the go.

Suggested by bradleysays Featured by princepal
Birth 3 by LisaMeyer
Combining geometric abstraction and a touch of surrealist portraiture, Birth 3 by ~LisaMeyer is an engaging composition.

Suggested by Enigmapsyche Featured by arctoa
Color on High by Beesknees67
Color on High by ~Beesknees67 is a perfect alchemy between abstract and pattern fractal. A real gem of our gallery!

Featured by SaTaNiA
Waking bear by Eugene-Siryk
Waking bear by ~Machine2208

Suggested by Sugar-H Featured by Thiefoworld
CuteArtistUnite Icon by Imouto-Thi
CuteArtistUnite Icon by ~Imouto-Thi is a truly magical group avatar with a lovely eye-catching animation and a great amount of detail placed on such a small canvas.

Suggested by iingo Featured by ValaSedai
FUNHOLE snacks by mrdynamite
FUNHOLE snacks by ~mrdynamite is a very clever comic work!

Featured by jcroxas
Fried Chicken Factory by monqfish
Fried Chicken Factory by ~monqfish has so much to look at, and is both cute and amusing. Great work!

Featured by TheLastHuzzah
Column Cyclops by Kimsuyeong81
Darth Yoda Tri by SculptorSteve
Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. The dark side also leads to Darth Yoda Tri by ~SculptorSteve

Featured by deshrubber
Enchanted by the winter by wchild
A Song of Ice and Fire by Wavesheep
A Song of Ice and Fire by ~joscomie
The suggester says: "This amazing work manages to combine 49 characters into one piece of art. Inspired by the books, each character is portrayed with their own andunique character and characteristics, even managing to tell some of the stories from the books."

Suggested by pica-ae Featured by alexandrasalas
Face Off - Complete! by Nicole-Marie-Walker
Fun fantasy creatures and an insane amount of stippling make Face Off - Complete! by *LilahLazuli a beautiful work of art.
Artist suggested by =amandas-sketches

Featured by Astralseed
automatic alert- abixo do nivel de significancia by destroytrash
Evoland Titlescreen by Kurunya
Evoland Titlescreen by ~Kurunya a vibrant scene and detailed title announce the beginning of work on "Evoland", a game designed to take you back to all the best things in old school RPG gaming.

Featured by ClefairyKid
DreamForest. by Puffisen
A very pretty concept piece that is mixed with a variety of colours and technique that help bring you into the world this could be depicted in. DreamForest. by ~Puffisen

Suggested by Naariel Featured by PolyMune
Sturmisch by Ludwina
When the eye of the storm finds the heart of the sea's desire; Sturmisch; oil on canvas from~Ludwina.

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by SRaffa
Mountain Top by Dillerkind
Proving you don't need the industry standard software to create skilled vector art: Mountain Top by ~Dillerkind

Suggested by BDT466 Featured by ChewedKandi
Octopus by PSHoudini
Octopus by =PSHoudini is a wonderful example for the fact that typography really has no boundaries in any medium! An original and skilled photo-manipulation that will probably put a smile on your face.

Suggested by Dani-Owergoor Featured by pica-ae
Wolf's Rain. Kiba by AksaArt
Wolf's Rain. Kiba by *AksaArt

Suggested by Toyger Featured by Lyricanna
Pastel Tutorial by Sarahharas07
Pastel Tutorial by *Sarahharas07

Suggested by diphylla Featured by Elandria
ABERDEEN by artpoppy
ABERDEEN by ~artpoppy

Suggested by STelari Featured by maytel
Scheherazade and the Hash Djinn by vinhnyu
The gorgeous design and the intricate level of detail make Scheherazade and the Hash Djinn by *vinhnyu a mysterious and alluring artwork!

Suggested by Nyiana-sama Featured by rydi1689
.: Fear :. by Kaizeru
.: Fear :. by ~Kaizeru is hauntingly atmospheric, with a lovely blue color palette and excellent detailing.

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by Miss-It-Girl