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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Letiel Commission by KGMomo
Letiel Commission by ~KGMomo is just too gorgeous, and so detailed, to simply pass by.

Suggested by bluesonic1 Featured by RadicalLizard
Groo by JHarren
Quoting ~MeLoki's comment in Groo by ~JHarren, "I love the ink work in this! The grass has been done so stylistically. <3 The colours are so soothing and peaceful, it really sets the calm mood. Great work as always Harren!" I couldn't agree more. Be sure to check James Harren's whole gallery to see more awesome artworks!

Featured by jcroxas
secret contract by popini
secret contract by ~popini

Suggested by Inku-inku Featured by STelari
Beleaguered by mewDoubled
Beleaguered by ~mewDoubled is a conceptual piece with effective composition and appealingly dark colors.

Suggested by shlebby Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Gentle by eajna
Whispers and flight and the wind on which they write; Gentle; graphite pencil work from*eajna.
(Suggested by ~heldra and *ruby604)

Featured by SRaffa
One Final Effort by MajesticChicken
First astral flight by Grey-Seagull
First astral flight by ~Grey-Seagull brings you to such a fantastical place deep within your imagination you can't help but be humbled by this visual experience! Beautiful background and blend of both colors and mood. Let the magic set you a sail and soaring!

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by KovoWolf
Clockwork Orange by RGDart
Clockwork Orange by =StudioDavis

Suggested by FurorArt Featured by Aeirmid
OC Concept by ArisT0te
A really well detailed concept art of a cool looking character. OC Concept by *ArisT0te

Featured by PolyMune
Perfect Match by Einsilbig
Throughout a gallery that displays a keen eye for geometric abstraction, Perfect Match by *Einsilbig stands out as a fine example of the style.

Suggested by tiganusi Featured by arctoa
Frozen Glory by natsumoka
The suggester said: "Amazing atmosphere captured on Frozen Glory by =CharlotteXXI, very soft coloring and concept in general."

Suggested by kirei69 Featured by rydi1689
BloodLust by KarmaLizzard
BloodLust by *KarmaLizzard

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by Lyricanna
Dragon Eye Avatar by Soreiya
Dragon Eye Avatar by ~Soreiya displays gorgeous use of colour contrast and wonderful attention to detail.

Featured by ValaSedai
Spirit of Death by Inereigan
Spirit of Death by ~Inereigan is a great sculpture of a dragons skeleton.

Featured by Astralseed
Fractal_550 by LeeEG
Fractal_550 by ~LeeEG

Suggested by WhiteKimahri Featured by SaTaNiA
The nick of time by kyzylhum
The nick of time by ~kyzylhum

Suggested by vesner Featured by Thiefoworld
Belly Rub? 4727 by Sooper-Deviant
W anchor by onwards-and-upwards
Here is some British slang for you! =onwards-and-upwards's W anchor speaks in a simplistic and understated manner, really hitting the nail on the head with the clear presentation of the message as it stands out from the blurry background. It's a lovely photograph, but deceptively so!

Featured by 3wyl
Bakery by MabelleArt
Bakery by *MabelleArt clearly required a lot of work, please download for a better view of all the small details in this adorable bakery.

Featured by Talty
The Tree2 by TSFcrew
The Tree2 by ~TSFcrew Suggested by many deviants for a daily deviation, this piece is simply amazing. Be sure to check their gallery for many other great pieces.

Featured by kiwi-pdd
Patchwork bracelets by TriquetraZone
This piece is the elegant Frankenstein of bracelets; the copper, silver and brass complement each other perfectly. Patchwork bracelets by ~TriquetraZone

Suggested by STelari Featured by maytel
Mistakes of Evolution Album Cover by ChrisPanatier
no way by gyurka
no way by ~gyurka

Featured by SRudy
Bad Wolf by MeganLara
Bad Wolf by *MeganLara

Featured by princepal