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Friday, December 07, 2012
Durandal IV by JohnMcCambridge
First Kiss by LongHomeFox
First Kiss by ~DavidofArbela

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Talty
Genbot 1 by BenMauro
Gradiated 32px by scurrrvy
Suggester Comment: These icons are a fresh and colourful new take on the well-known Apple-icons for iPhones and iPads. And I for one am a fan of these colourful reworks! Gradiated 32px by ~scurrrvy

Suggested by Hardrockangel Featured by ValaSedai
Needle-felted Goldfish by crocodiledreams
The Suggester wrote: At first I thought that it was real when I saw the thumbnail. In the enlarged photo I was amazed by the realistic colors and details. Needle-felted Goldfish by =oneirosuchus

Suggested by Gryffgirl Featured by maytel
I've Got An Idea by FILISKUN
I've Got An Idea by ~FILISKUN cleverly executed a simple/minimal idea with full of creativity.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by princepal
Home Cinema by Artbashev
Home Cinema by ~Artbashev

Suggested by mrhectormex Featured by SRudy
MANA.monsters by tsynali
Really cool looking characters in a very detailed yet almost toon like style. Check out the rest of this deviant's unique style within her gallery!MANA.monsters by ~skyside

Featured by PolyMune
into darkness by chulii
Emoticon Stress Ball stamp by Droneguard
Emoticon Stress Ball stamp by `Droneguard

deviantART Related / Deviant Stamps

Featured by bradleysays
orange by sanwahi
Though you may glance over the thumbnail of *sanwahi's orange, thinking this piece is merely a capture of a boat, if you look at it in full view, you see the lighthouse in the background. Not only does this add further depth to this piece, the atmosphere is so very intense as well.

Featured by 3wyl
Illuminary by plangkye
Illuminary by ~plangkye
Suggester words:"I felt like I was looking at an astrological fresco on a wall of an ancient palace somewhere... I totally love this piece, it looks so realistic!"

Suggested by C-91 Featured by SaTaNiA
little fantasy by Wolves-PSD
little fantasy by ~Stromershl, also suggested by *Susannehs and =Yobtaf

Suggested by Art-Kombinat Featured by Aeirmid
Koniec leta by izzy68
A ghost of sunlight on a cloudy day makes architecture atmospheric in Koniec leta by ~izzy68

Suggested by JPtHart Featured by RockstarVanity
Daniela Canvas by IamZOK
Daniela Canvas by ~IamZOK

Featured by kiwi-pdd
[Stock and Resources] Urarii 56 by *Tasastock Suggested by many deviants!

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Someday by ~Kiresg is a Bradbury-esque nod to the golden age of science fiction.

Featured by Nichrysalis
Stock 111 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
[Stock & Resources] Stock 111 by ~UmbraDeNoapte-Stock

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by Elandria
2010 summer doujinshi's cover by Ryo-ta
~Ryo-ta brings to life a world of fantasy full of adventures and possibilities in 2010 summer doujinshi's cover!

Featured by rydi1689
The Vision by wild-visions
“Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.” ~ Kahlil Gibran The Vision by ~wild-visions

Featured by IsacGoulart
When I was 18 by megrandyphotos
The suggester said: Between 2 photos there is a life. It looks both too short and too long. Very provocating photo to realize life. When I was 18 by ~megrandyphotos

Suggested by Canankk Featured by xbastex
009 by K-hos
009 by ~K-hos is at first a dimly lit scene, but after a few moments for your eyes to adjust, the subtle brilliance of the lighting, composition and texture becomes apparent.

Featured by ClefairyKid
Christmas Holidays Theme by adni18
Christmas Holidays Theme by *adni18 To get you in the spirit!

Featured by neiio
On a Plane by OctopusandBunny
The suggester states, "On a Plane is such a cute and colorful piece and *OctopusandBunny has many nice artworks from their gallery." The creative collaboration of *aluminumbunny and *shiroiyukiko in sharing cute characters is definitely outstanding!

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by jcroxas
Walking The Dog by treeshark
The suggester said: The impact is greater when you look at the art from afar or as a thumbnail. This is classic painting. Walking The Dog by ~treeshark

Suggested by RCWikkydArtist Featured by Astralseed
Fur by AnneLysa
Fur by ~AnneLysa. Deviant featured is the model.

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Night Light - short film by *Qinni is a beautifully animated piece of work that I found a while back. It flows beautifully and was an absolute delight to watch once again!

Featured by kingmancheng
Fire by nami9393
Fire by ~nami9393

Suggested by Dawn-Shade Featured by Lyricanna
Strange Legs in the box by Vis-Felavis
Removing a conventional scene from regular perspective is at the core of abstract art, and Strange Legs in the box by ~Vis-Felavis is an engaging example of this concept.

Suggested by insolitus85 Featured by arctoa