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Thursday, December 06, 2012
Stallion Spirit by Stephen-Coelho
A totemic invocation of the kinetic energy and reverberant power of the Stallion Spirit; oil on canvas from ~Stephen-Coelho.

Featured by SRaffa
Siberian Tiger 08 by animalphotos
[Stock and Resources] Siberian Tiger 08 by ~animalphotos

Suggested by SweediesArt Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Just the Light Matters by ghostfire
Just the Light Matters by *ghostfire

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Glassflower-Set by YBsilon-Stock
[Stock & Resources] Glassflower-Set by *YBSilon-Stock

Suggested by FurorArt Featured by Elandria
-NeonSymphony- by silwenka
-NeonSymphony- by ~silwenka is a real explosion of energy, mighty flow. The whole perfectly execute and sublimate by a colorful gradient.

Featured by SaTaNiA
Banana Bread French Toast by TRE2Photo-n-Design
The presentation is excellent in Banana Bread French Toast by ~TRE2Photography with the toast laid neatly on top of each other. The dish is made more attractive through the brightness of the lighting, and the framing, too, ensures we get our fill of this piece.

Featured by 3wyl
Abada - Mythical Alphabet by JessicaRowe
Abada - Mythical Alphabet by *JessicaRowe is interesting in both its style and its subject, and is beautifully shaded with the mix of bold, striking colours and subtle gradients.

Featured by TheLastHuzzah
Pinup by Kendra-Paige
Beautiful, chic and classy.
Pinup by =Kendra-Paige

Featured by DistortedSmile
Mujina by faxtar
Mujina is by ~faxtar isn't your typical creature! What magic does this behold! The smirk on the main creature seems to give way that something is about to happen! Great depth of detail and you can't help but admire the purple color scheme with the subtle dark background.

Suggested by STelari Featured by KovoWolf
when night falls by shusical
when night falls by *shusical is so ethereal and aesthetically appealing that it will charm you with just a glance!

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by rydi1689
Do You Remember When by jonniedee
Do You Remember When by *jonniedee makes use of high contrast in both tone and texture to create a dynamic, flowing abstraction.

Featured by arctoa
Zhuxian by crow-god
I couldn't have said it better then what the suggester wrote "The composition, the lighting, the designs... It all oozes rage and power while maintaining such a graceful flow! Jaw-dropping to say the least!"Zhuxian by ~crow-god

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by PolyMune
Day 12 - The Plague, the outcast by MonsterBrand
Day 12 - The Plague, the outcast by *MonsterBrand

Suggested by MoltoFuckingBene Featured by pullingcandy
Emerald by adlovett
Emerald by *adlovett

Suggested by =Naariel and =TiaVon

Featured by Thiefoworld
Beauty awaits ahead by EmbrisionArts
Beauty awaits ahead by *EmbrisionArts

Suggested by Wesley-Souza Featured by Aeirmid
Howl's Moving Castle by SandraInk
Howl's Moving Castle by =M0onGirl

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by Lyricanna
'Do come across' (Ghost River) by AmaranthMB
The suggester siad: AmaranthMB has managed to pack the entire tale of a twisted song into one piece, depicting the mood with so many of the necessary details that even those who don't know "Ghost River" can feel the battle between good and evil unleashing, and pray for the innocent, insecure child trapped in the chaos 'Do come across' (Ghost River) by ~AmaranthMB

Suggested by Ilionej Featured by Astralseed
Sokak of Guzelyurt by Chris-Lamprianidis
Sokak of Guzelyurt by *Chris-Lamprianidis is a delightful character-driven HDR photograph, one of many beautiful pictures in this artist's gallery.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by RockstarVanity
DAT PEELING! by LadyDeven
DAT PEELING! by =LadyDeven can make anyone's day with its simple yet brilliantly humouristic concept.

Featured by ValaSedai
Broken Glass by st277
Broken Glass by ~st277 takes something simple and turns it into a thing of beauty and abstraction.

Featured by Kaz-D
My own dead me by Ulltotten
The suggester said: "Not only is it extremely realistic, but I think it really catches the deadly sin it's supposed to symbolize: sloth." My own dead me by ~Ulltotten

Suggested by Fillchiam Featured by Talty
Unstoppable by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu
Winter fairy-tale by KnyazevSergey
Winter fairy-tale by *KnyazevSergey

Also suggested by =SavageFrog

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by STelari
automatic reaction by merpagigglesnort
Never say never... again... by RobertSleeper
Never say never... again... by =RobertSleeper So. Much. Glitter!

Suggested by inknalcohol Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Allen by memelsteak
Allen by ~memelsteak

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
7 greens by Seven-IED
7 greens by ~Seven-IED

Featured by kiwi-pdd