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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
HH - Love Letters by naochiko
HH - Love Letters by =naochiko features great lighting effects, good composition, and effective use of texture.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
The Warrior by sara-hel
The Warrior by =sara-hel

Suggested by GunXun Featured by Aeirmid
And these are the wars that we fight by scarlet-dragonchild
AM29 by peinturealuile
AM29 by *peinturealuile
Suggester words:"I really love her work on the shapes, and the perfectly use of gradient and shadows"

Suggested by Digithalie Featured by SaTaNiA
House by oODeVeXOo
House by ~oODeVeXOo is a neat and tidy pixel house, with a stunning amount of fine details and textures.

Featured by ClefairyKid
Danse avec le soleil by Rozenng
Danse avec le soleil by ~Ari-zuka

Suggested by raka-raka Featured by Thiefoworld
Cuddling Cuties by darkSoul4Life
Cuddling Cuties by *darkSoul4Life

Community Projects / Awareness / 2012 / International Cheetah Day

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by namenotrequired
sci-fi stories about the end of the world by ~MrsShrodingersBox

Suggested by UnspecifiedUnknown Featured by thorns
Lava King by richardcgreen
Breaking Barriers by tanikel
Breaking Barriers by =tanikel

Suggested by FreyaPhotos Featured by xbastex
february.stars by sarah-marley
The last evening light captured in february.stars by ~poorchiggies brings welcome flashes of warmth to an otherwise cold, shrouded landscape.

Suggested by lameboat Featured by arctoa
The Ice King by Emortal982
The Ice King by ~Emortal982

Suggested by Kenny-Winker Featured by alexandrasalas
On, In and Under by BerniePetterson
The suggester states, "I just love all the little details and the amazing linework in On, In and Under by ~BerniePetterson! The whole gallery is full of such unique and imaginative things." And I agree! Bernie's gallery is full of masterpieces drawn in Moleskine notebooks! And yes, he's such a creative person that you'll love all his artworks.

Suggested by NiHZ Featured by jcroxas
all the leaves are brown by BlauBeerKuchen
all the leaves are brown by ~BlauBeerKuchen is delightfully confusing for a while and then it suddenly clicks - the beauty of abstract.

Suggested by Pajunen Featured by Kaz-D
Driftwood horse  The Grazing Mare and Filly by ghoff24
Sculpted completely out of driftwood this artists sculptures are worth a second look Driftwood horse The Grazing Mare and Filly by ~ghoff24

Suggested by CherylBlanche Featured by Astralseed
Giraffe Fashion Parade by Hippopottermiss
Giraffe Fashion Parade by *Hippopottermiss. Don't forget to visit her gallery for more unique characters!

Suggested by amandas-sketches Featured by Talty
Slapjack by ~Witbik is simply a gorgeous animation, beautiful style, great music and fantastic concept and story to match!

Featured by kingmancheng
Retro Social Media Icons by Ransie3
Retro Social Media Icons by ~Ransie3 let you spice up your computer or website with a fantastic retro look.

Featured by ValaSedai
The Singulardity by Promethicon
Weaving ripples of shape, color, and emergent patterns in a dazzling choreography of pure design, The Singulardity; linear abstractions in ink from *Promethicon.

Featured by SRaffa
snow covered christmas tree by marlene-stock
[Stock & Resources] snow covered christmas tree by ~marlene-stock

Featured by Elandria
Female Merc by Adam-Fisher
The details in the texturing and low poly count really bring out the over all character design of this fantastic game ready 3d characterFemale Merc by ~Adam-Fisher

Suggested by keyan3d Featured by PolyMune
Julien by x-escapevelocity-x
Julien by ~x-escapevelocity-x is a fascinating, almost voyeuristic, portrait on instant film.

Featured by RockstarVanity
1//29 by lik92gr
1//29 by ~lik92gr

Featured by kiwi-pdd
Think About Me Better by CoalRye
French Princess by wbmstr
French Princess by ~wbmstr is an excellent photograph that captures a brilliant sense of symmetry, yet there is a slight feeling of the opposite as things become more humanised. The impact is monumental, the colours complementing each other well to further the effect, making a powerful shot indeed!

Featured by 3wyl
Dungeon. by Manzanedo
Come and crawl in the spooky Dungeon. by ~Manzanedo

Featured by Kenny-Winker
The reminiscence of our late summer daydreams... Newly born friendships, never ending memories, everlasting bonds... an insight into the past courtesy of ~kaneeli.

Suggested by iingo Featured by rydi1689
'There she goes my beautiful world' by HattieWatson
'There she goes my beautiful world' by ~HattieWatson. Deviant featured is the model.

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight