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Sunday, December 02, 2012
Condolence by WAR064
Condolence by ~WAR064

Featured by SRudy
In Custard Cake Custody by Poch4N
*Pochan-kun presents us with an awe-inspiring new take on the Hansel & Gretel tale in "In Custard Cake Custody". Don't miss out on the rest of his gallery, it's just as fascinating!
Suggested by ~MyEternalNight and ~Sugar-thief

princess dresses by PurpleWarroir
Shield Slash! by Leo-tux
Shield Slash! by ~Leo-tux an amazing posable sculpture made from a non traditional material.

Suggested by EnigmaticEmpress Featured by Talty
the animal by *yesilm

Suggested by L0NE-W0lf Featured by thorns
Cleared Up Skies by rhymebox
Cleared Up Skies by *rhymebox features appealingly soft colors and whimsical charm.

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Faded Denim by ~idleRayne Girls in jeans is always a great subject choice.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Autumn by Klytia70
Autumn by ~Klytia70

Featured by SaTaNiA
Sky House by matrix124
Sky House by ~matrix124

Suggested by Elandria Featured by Aeirmid
Jaguar by tigon
Jaguar by *tigon

Suggested by Nataliadsw Featured by Thiefoworld
Coffee Break by Balance-Sheet
Coffee Break by *Balance-Sheet

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Shadows drawing.p1 by west-kis
The lighting and its effect really adds depth to Shadows drawing.p1 by ~west-kis. The portrait is not only emotive, but striking in its portrayal with the curvature of the body and the body itself so beautifully captured.

Featured by 3wyl
macaroons :3 by SaphoPhotographics
macaroons :3 by *SaphoPhotographics is an example of a gallery that is full of wonderful treats in delightful settings.

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by Kaz-D
Icons Pack 'Web Cartoon' by shlyapnikova
Icons Pack "Web Cartoon" by ~shlyapnikova shows an interesting approach to liven up 'standard' icons with a fresh and original look.

Suggested by Arichy Featured by ValaSedai
Wave by Maarel
With force akin to destiny, the awesome power of the Wave; gouache and watercolor from =Maarel.
(Inspired by and abstracted from ~Stephen-Coelho's Adrenaline)

Suggested by Steamstrike Featured by SRaffa
C : Love in the Air by Craelle
C : Love in the Air by ~xx-aki

Suggested by flouvl Featured by sTiViA
Abbye HDR 3 by Wess4u
[Stock and Resources] Abbye HDR 3 by ~Wess4u

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
iMini for Rainmeter and CAD [v1.2] by LinkPlay9
iMini for Rainmeter // NowPlaying.dll [v1.1] by ~LinkPlay9 A great player for your taskbar.

Featured by neiio
Mononoke Night by JoJoesArt
Mononoke Night by =sanguisGelidus

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by Lyricanna
Spoon Pendant with Rhodolite Garnet by metalsmitten
A spoon is given a second life to become a very striking pendant. Spoon Pendant with Rhodolite Garnet by ~metalsmitten

Featured by maytel
Noah, Leaving the ship by macen
Noah, Leaving the ship by ~macen is a fun new take on Noah's Arc which is also very well executed.

Featured by Astralseed
Marvel Zombies Double Spread by DonoMX
Lots of things are happening in Marvel Zombies Double Spread by *D-o-n-o and it's filled with dynamic zombie poses and very awesome details!

Featured by jcroxas
Sisters in Crime by wherethreeroadsmeet
Sisters in Crime by ~wherethreeroadsmeet is a triumph of lighting and style, a truly stunning portrait on film.

Featured by RockstarVanity
BG 3 by CananStock
[Stock & Resources] BG 3 by *CananStock

Featured by Elandria
Demons are Smarter Than You by ~MoreaGaara Suggester Writes: Starting with an irresistible title, this flash fiction is equally irresistible and interesting, told from two POVs that add quite a dose of great humor as well.

Suggested by xlntwtch Featured by BeccaJS