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Sunday, December 02, 2012
Icons Pack 'Web Cartoon' by shlyapnikova
Icons Pack "Web Cartoon" by ~shlyapnikova shows an interesting approach to liven up 'standard' icons with a fresh and original look.

Suggested by Arichy Featured by ValaSedai
iMini for Rainmeter and CAD [v1.2] by LinkPlay9
iMini for Rainmeter // NowPlaying.dll [v1.1] by ~LinkPlay9 A great player for your taskbar.

Featured by neiio
Demons are Smarter Than You by ~MoreaGaara Suggester Writes: Starting with an irresistible title, this flash fiction is equally irresistible and interesting, told from two POVs that add quite a dose of great humor as well.

Suggested by xlntwtch Featured by BeccaJS
Visibility by hallopino
Sky House by matrix124
Sky House by ~matrix124

Suggested by Elandria Featured by Aeirmid
C : Love in the Air by Craelle
C : Love in the Air by ~xx-aki

Suggested by flouvl Featured by sTiViA
Autumn by Klytia70
Autumn by ~Klytia70

Featured by SaTaNiA
Shadows drawing.p1 by west-kis
The lighting and its effect really adds depth to Shadows drawing.p1 by ~west-kis. The portrait is not only emotive, but striking in its portrayal with the curvature of the body and the body itself so beautifully captured.

Featured by 3wyl
BG 3 by CananStock
[Stock & Resources] BG 3 by *CananStock

Featured by Elandria
Sisters in Crime by wherethreeroadsmeet
Sisters in Crime by ~wherethreeroadsmeet is a triumph of lighting and style, a truly stunning portrait on film.

Featured by RockstarVanity
the animal by *yesilm

Suggested by L0NE-W0lf Featured by thorns
macaroons :3 by SaphoPhotographics
macaroons :3 by *SaphoPhotographics is an example of a gallery that is full of wonderful treats in delightful settings.

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by Kaz-D
In Custard Cake Custody by Poch4N
*Pochan-kun presents us with an awe-inspiring new take on the Hansel & Gretel tale in "In Custard Cake Custody". Don't miss out on the rest of his gallery, it's just as fascinating!
Suggested by ~MyEternalNight and ~Sugar-thief

Cleared Up Skies by rhymebox
Cleared Up Skies by *rhymebox features appealingly soft colors and whimsical charm.

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Abbye HDR 3 by Wess4u
[Stock and Resources] Abbye HDR 3 by ~Wess4u

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Shield Slash! by Leo-tux
Shield Slash! by ~Leo-tux an amazing posable sculpture made from a non traditional material.

Suggested by EnigmaticEmpress Featured by Talty
Spoon Pendant with Rhodolite Garnet by metalsmitten
A spoon is given a second life to become a very striking pendant. Spoon Pendant with Rhodolite Garnet by ~metalsmitten

Featured by maytel
Condolence by WAR064
Condolence by ~WAR064

Featured by SRudy
Jaguar by tigon
Jaguar by *tigon

Suggested by Nataliadsw Featured by Thiefoworld
Noah, Leaving the ship by macen
Noah, Leaving the ship by ~macen is a fun new take on Noah's Arc which is also very well executed.

Featured by Astralseed
Faded Denim by ~idleRayne Girls in jeans is always a great subject choice.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Wave by Maarel
With force akin to destiny, the awesome power of the Wave; gouache and watercolor from =Maarel.
(Inspired by and abstracted from ~Stephen-Coelho's Adrenaline)

Suggested by Steamstrike Featured by SRaffa
The Legend of the Hipsters Final by CauseImDanJones
Coffee Break by Balance-Sheet
Coffee Break by *Balance-Sheet

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Marvel Zombies Double Spread by DonoMX
Lots of things are happening in Marvel Zombies Double Spread by *D-o-n-o and it's filled with dynamic zombie poses and very awesome details!

Featured by jcroxas