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Saturday, December 01, 2012
At the bottom of the ocean by feafox92
Suggester says: This one is particularly charming because of the composition and choice of colours. Furthermore, using a real shell makes it come together in a delightful way. At the bottom of the ocean by ~feafox92

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by maytel
Dead Space - Burst Rifle by shirik
An amazing weapon concept design used for the up coming Dead Space iOS/android game. So much detail from the minor scuff damages to the intricate shading to make this 2D design look like a 3D model. Dead Space - Burst Rifle by ~shirik

Suggested by Arichy Featured by PolyMune
Street Tailor by kmetjurec
Street Tailor by ~kmetjurec

Featured by xbastex
dream by renato54
dream by ~renato54

Featured by SRudy
Snowflakes with Amurshaya by Eltasia
Prinsesa ng Timog Silangan by kurtmorrisrojas
The colours and shading on Prinsesa ng Timog Silangan by ~kurtmorrisrojas are both beautiful and interesting, and I love all the intricate detailing. The suggester says "It's a very clean style and I'm a sucker for those little gradient details." Beautiful!

Suggested by jussta Featured by TheLastHuzzah
In A Whisper by eldru
In A Whisper by *eldru

Featured by SaTaNiA
Long Way To Home by Dani-Owergoor
The suggester writes, "Long Way To Home by =Dani-Owergoor is a poetic work that really speaks to all who have left their home for so long."

Suggested by Noitusan Featured by Aeirmid
Father winter by alexson1
Father winter by ~alexson1

Suggested by ullakko Featured by Thiefoworld
Ion Fortuna: Young Prince by SilentCircus90
Ion Fortuna: Young Prince by ~SilentCircus90

Suggested by AEmeya Featured by pullingcandy
november ~ by justiv
november ~ by ~justiv is the perfect image from tones to facial expressions to see us into December.

Suggested by Fyrrea Featured by Kaz-D
Lichtkultur by Miiiia
With an engaging depth of composition, Lichtkultur by ~Miiiia is an unwound reel of lost moments.

Featured by arctoa
Hunting by JordanKerbow
Stamp - Happy Holiday by firstfear
Stamp - Happy Holiday by =firstfear

deviantART Related / Deviant Stamps

Featured by bradleysays
Table lamp XV - String Structure by day 1 by Calabarte
The suggester said: "Although apparently simplistic in form, it has an organically balanced whole that belies the mastery required to make it. A lot of practice must have entered into this artisan's life before creating items like this. If you look at their gallery... it just gets more amazing! Table lamp XV - String Structure by day 1 by ~Calabarte

Suggested by Peter-The-Knotter Featured by Talty
The Tourist by SmellsLikeBeer
The Tourist by *SmellsLikeBeer is filled with intense emotions and a solid framework in the story with detailed and amazing art style that match this short comic strip so well.

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by jcroxas
YUKI Album cover by sayuko
YUKI Album cover by ~sayuko is a stylish piece with lovely coloring.

Suggested by flouvl Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Connor's armlet pattern by Cherry-Chain
[Stock and Resources] Connor's armlet pattern by ~Cherry-Chain

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Desert Dunes by soulofwinter
An excellent sculpture of a creatively unique creature Desert Dunes by ~soulofwinter

Featured by Astralseed
Red Line. by ~IamLizbit Elegant and regal, an excellent fetish portrait.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
red drop by Anwer-21
The timing is excellent in red drop as ~Anwer-21 manages to capture the splash with intense focus and extraordinary depth, seen in the contrast of colours and the reflection cast. Truly magnificent work all in all.

Featured by 3wyl
Woke me up by tchaikovsky2
Woke me up by ~tchaikovsky2 has such a beautiful atmosphere and mesmerizing textures!

Featured by KovoWolf
(Couple icon) Rubi and Pico by marmolotus-chz
Suggester Comment: 'I LOVE THIS ICON. The soft colors are just amazing to look at and plus the animation is very swell and sweet too!' (Couple icon) Rubi and Pico by *marmolotus-chz

Suggested by iingo Featured by ValaSedai
Irina by DariaGALLERY
A life worth contemplating with Irina; dreamlike portraiture from *DariaGALLERY.

Featured by SRaffa
Breeze by Uriy1966
Breeze by ~Uriy1966 Subtle gradients make for a super smooth Visual Style.

Featured by neiio
In The King's Arms by etchepare
Play an adorable game of hide and seek in In The King's Arms by ~etchepare

Featured by RockstarVanity