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Wednesday, November 28, 2012
The Greatest Burglar by maina
The Greatest Burglar by ~maina

Suggested by SaloGuardione Featured by STelari
Peek by Raymaker
Peek by ~Raymaker

Featured by IsacGoulart
Laundry Day by ideea
"This is a lovely pin-up shot! I like especially the vibrant colors and the overall feeling this gives to the watcher!"
Laundry Day by ~ideea

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by DistortedSmile
lightning by LedMaiden
lightning by ~LedMaiden is a cruel but funny twist of fate.

Suggested by Eitvys200 Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter
Autumn Tamtam, angles by thai-binturong
This cute and strange little Tantam makes one wonder about what other creatures live in the artists mind. It also shows great skill in using different art mediums. Autumn Tamtam, angles by *thai-binturong

Featured by maytel
russian doll by misstaisia
russian doll by ~misstaisia is a lovely photograph of an adorable child dressed in colours that fit in well with the overall, heart-warming atmosphere and mood, the open expression and gesture seeming to accentuate that further.

Suggested by maslenitsa Featured by 3wyl
Mother of dragons by Neboveria
Mother of dragons by ~Neboveria

Suggested by Akeah Featured by alexandrasalas
Entering Oblivion-Reprise by KirenBagchee
The suggester writes, "Entering Oblivion-Reprise by *KirenInDigital forms this feeling in the pit of my stomach as I look at the ascending stairs and looming shadow; it pulls me in, spins me in circles, sending me forward in a daze, almost like I'm the one who is entering the mouth of the unknown..."

Suggested by Namicat101 Featured by Aeirmid
Careless and Spoiled by Tespia
Careless and Spoiled by ~Fagberry

Suggested by Novere Featured by KovoWolf
Trust me by Kite-d
Trust me by ~Kite-d

Suggested by flouvl Featured by sTiViA
Karma by bcnyArt
Karma by *bcnyArt perfectly combines the beauty of life and the darkness of death to successfully convey its meaning to the viewer. The rest of this deviant's gallery is a MUST see!

Featured by rydi1689
Memories by andrianart
Memories by ~andrianart

Featured by deshrubber
Earth Bending - Toph Bei Fong, Avatar by TophWei
STRANDED AGAIN by El-Amigo-Chico
STRANDED AGAIN by *El-Amigo-Chico is as the suggester says, quite mesmerizing. Great example of atmospheric photography.

Suggested by Airukan Featured by Kaz-D
Dormant by ~dull-glitter

Suggested by Mrs-Freestar-Bul Featured by thorns
MB3D_0356_hd by 0Encrypted0
MB3D_0356_hd by ~0Encrypted0
Suggester words:" The author of this fractal created a unique setting in the centre of which in detail worked out underwater "hearts". You look at this beauty and think as if you believe that in this life you can find these amazing things."

Suggested by KPEKEP Featured by SaTaNiA
Moon Water by Katherine-Dae
Moon Water by ~Katherine-Dae

Suggested by Erozja Featured by Thiefoworld
dA ID#14462438 by auxeru
dA ID#14462438 by *kohashu

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Worshiping by altammam
Worshiping by ~altammam

Featured by xbastex
Symmetric pattern - no colours by eveningemma
[Stock and Resources] Symmetric pattern - no colours by ~eveningemma

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
red by MoraShadow
Intrinsic majesty and strength of character: red; in watercolors from ~MoraShadow.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
Film - Fire Tiger vs Acid Panther by *TastesLikeAnya
"It is extremely fluid, and well animated. The colors are amazing and does a great job of telling a story!" - James--Steele

Suggested by James--Steele Featured by kingmancheng
Steampunk Vampire Hunter Crossbow by MichaelOrlandoArt
The suggester said: The delicate-looking swirls of this crossbow hold a deadly arrow, providing an intriguing contrast. Steampunk Vampire Hunter Crossbow by ~MichaelOrlandoArt

Suggested by oasiaris Featured by Talty
TWOBEK by twobeafe
TWOBEK by ~twobeafe

Featured by kiwi-pdd
Bulb with wings by skullkill88
The suggester says, "Bulb with wings by ~skullkill88 represents the inner needing of freedom of every soul. The surreal atmosphere makes remember of ancient times in memory. Lights and shadows are finely combined to give you a magical feeling".

Suggested by Starinthedark91 Featured by RockstarVanity
Cronos by JoeyJazz
Cronos by *JoeJesus

Featured by Infinite705
Octopus Ink by RachelCurtis
Great details and beautiful composition - sink into the deep. Octopus Ink by ~RachelCurtis

Featured by Astralseed