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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
playful cat by Neko-Art
A cute and playful mixed media piece playful cat by ~Neko-Art
Artist suggested by *TinyWild

Featured by Astralseed
week fifty two by Rona-Keller
A bold statement and conclusion to a 52 week project - week fifty two by *Rona-Keller is creative, colourful and emotive.

Suggested by cloe-patra Featured by Kaz-D
In Motion II by LithMyathar
In Motion II by ~LithMyathar
Suggester words:"I love this fractal! The colors and textures are beautiful and the composition is divine. I would fave it more than once if I could."

Suggested by FractalEyes Featured by SaTaNiA
I am the Plague by Yaoi-World
I am the Plague by *Yaoi-World is an atmospheric piece with good composition and appealingly sketchy line work.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
The suggester states, " I totally, definitely admire *Ardanae's technique with copic markers. The designs in Dark Hearted Wish: Page 16 for example are awesome (so many details to paint!) The colors are fabulous, eye-catching, each page of her comic are blissful! Not only the fact that she created awesome characters but the background are also so impressive!"

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by jcroxas
The Brides by nina-Y
The Brides by *nina-Y, also suggested by *ComtesseDionaea

Suggested by KalosysArt Featured by Aeirmid
Blind by FurorArt
Blind (possible CD Cover) by *ComtesseDionaea It's very well done and evocative of emotion. This, to me, makes it the perfect CD cover, especially for darker music.

Suggested by Aeirmid Featured by princepal
Dust by CBedford
Dust by *SpaceBubble

Suggested by MultimediaPanda Featured by Thiefoworld
Dita2 by AsphyxSynth
Dita2 by ~AsphyxSynth

Featured by DistortedSmile
Old Book Stock Pack by maslenitsa
[Stock & Resources] Old Book Stock Pack by *maslenitsa

Featured by Elandria
The Caped Cephalopod by MegLyman
The Caped Cephalopod by ~meglyman The suggester wrote: "This beautiful traditional work shows the classic hero Batman in a new light, bringing to mind the struggles of being 8-handed in a 2-handed world."

Suggested by PirateLotus-Stock Featured by Lyricanna
Draw With Me I: 184 by phillydelphy
The start of a beautiful and wildly creative friendship: Draw With Me I: 184; inspired colored pencil work from~phillydelphy.

Suggested by Xx-Love-NOT-War-xX Featured by SRaffa
The Final Moments by KatieHofgard
The Final Moments by *Shadow-Wolf has a true wow factor! From the perspective, angle, poses, expressions... everything is so dynamic and dramatic!
( Also suggested by `CricketWings & *AlbinoHound and countless others! )

Suggested by Hfoursaur Featured by KovoWolf
Rooftops by Vablo
Rooftops by ~Vablo

Suggested by Zolaida Featured by alltheoriginalnames
VW rigshot by GIIFOTO
VW rigshot by ~GIIFOTO is an absolutely splendid shot of an automobile with the car captured in great relief compared to the whizzing background as the landscape soars past. Colours are brilliant and detail is simply superb in this glorious photograph.

Featured by 3wyl
fragile metamorphic by ivan12
The suggester said: The artist as a talent for breathing new life into old glass. His glasswork is delicate and stunningly realistic. fragile metamorphic by ~ivan12

Suggested by cakecrumbs Featured by Talty
Lintukoto by ~Cronosmu

Suggested by Routsofboredom Featured by thorns