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Sunday, November 25, 2012
Self Portrait by Avis-Hope
Self Portrait by ~Avis-Hope is a fun idea and is meticulously animated and filled with little details.

Suggested by Opirou Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter
Moonbites - Morsures de lune by =Wordeea Suggester Writes: A wonderful poem. Between dream and reality is another world, the kingdom of the moonbites.

Suggested by Exnihilo-nihil Featured by BeccaJS
It`s cool  to be a Hot Dog by Art-Kombinat
:iconart-kombinat: *Broken* by photofroggy
:iconphotofroggy: by =photofroggy

deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Browser Scripts and Extensions

(Suggested by `JoseFelipeM and =Eitvys200)

Featured by bradleysays
Stairwell by IndependentlyConceal
Enter a world of texture and dizzying perspective with Stairwell by ~IndependentlyConceal

Featured by RockstarVanity
008 by AngelicStockCreation
[Stock & Resources] 0032 by ~AngelicCreationStock

Featured by Elandria
Highway Samurai by Inkthinker
Dancing in the Fog by bee-eye
The suggester says, "With an incredible perspective and angle of view, this is an epic landscape of a magnificent cityscape."

Dancing in the Fog by =bee-eye

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by 3wyl
Lace, Jewels, Designs Brushes by Okami-Rain
[Stock and Resources] Lace, Jewels, Designs Brushes by *Okami-Rain

Suggested by LibertineM Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
.: Warm Winter :. by Rare-Pearl
.: Warm Winter :. by *Rare-Pearl is a cosy still life capture making use of shadows and warm glow to give this an atmospheric warm feeling.

Suggested by KatkoOota Featured by Kaz-D
Autumn Lady by BGorilla
Autumn Lady by ~BGorilla

Also suggested by ~WhiteKimahri

Suggested by Why-did-Kenji-die Featured by Thiefoworld
Wheels by tatasz
Wheels by ~tatasz is a really unusual and perfectly made tweak of a really famous kind of fractal!
Suggester words:"Powerful color and scientific fantastic composition in which you see and can't just do not appreciate an excellent minimum design in the fractal"

Suggested by KPEKEP Featured by SaTaNiA
aquarium by juyari
Irresistible rhythms and undercurrents at the aquarium; astonishing watercolors from ~juyari.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
FULL BLOOM by DaveRichardsonArt