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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Minerva Mcgonagall the Witch by katpann
Minerva Mcgonagall the Witch by *katpann is a very awesome way of portraying a very awesome character, drawn by using only words.

Suggested by x-xSpitFirex-x Featured by pica-ae
Dreams by Lestrim
Dreams by ~Lestrim is absolutely breathtaking! Great capture of emotion and atmosphere.

Suggested by Elandria Featured by Aeirmid
Eden by goldcucco
Eden by ~goldcucco

Suggested by SaiyaGina Featured by Thiefoworld
A Day In The Life by IndraR
Suggester Says: A great example of how a simple detail, the vibrant orange of freshly plucked carrots peeking from a hole in a knapsack, contrasted against browns of every day life, from the bag, to his feet, to the water of the puddle...can become an excellent reflection on life in general.
A Day In The Life by ~IndraR

Suggested by 1pen Featured by Kaz-D
Wet Plate Collodion II by gingersfunkyphotos
Over a century and a half after its invention, the wet plate collodion process is still alive and well in the world of alt processes darkroom photography! Check out the artist's comments on Wet Plate Collodion II by *gingersfunkyphotos for a link to the photographer's blog where you can find out more about his experiences with this intriguing process.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Rise Technologies Html 5 by naseemhaider
Untouchable Part 1 by m2mazzara
A simply amazing and emotion-packed painting Untouchable Part 1 by ~m2mazzara

Featured by Astralseed
Aphrodite, Adonis and the blood red Anemone by axellie
What it takes to make an anemone grow: Aphrodite, Adonis and the blood red Anemone; in watercolors, pencils, pastels, and acrylics from ~axellie.
(Suggested by ~ruby604, =Natalia-Luz, and ^Kaz-D)

Featured by SRaffa
dreamcatcher series stock #04 by MachineFairy
[Stock & Resources] dreamcatcher series stock #04 by ~MachineFairy

Suggested by conceptually Featured by Elandria
Vertical Horizon #27 by romainjl
Suggester says: "*Nujabes' Vertical Horizon photo book is full of incredible architecture shots, but I feel this one in particular is incredible because of how impressively it captures so many reflections."
Vertical Horizon photo book page 7 by *Nujabes
(also suggested by *JohanBriend)

Suggested by wreckling Featured by AnaNaszynska
Coat Stock 11 by hannah-boaden
[Stock and Resources] Coat Stock 11 by *hannah-boaden

Suggested by tsubasacompany-stock Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
ShapesDirect 10 by Gerda1946
ShapesDirect 10 by ~Gerda1946
Suggester words:" The beautiful blossoms are just like gentle hues on a vintage purple table, shimmering in watercolour-like tones. Delicate, dynamic and amazing!"

Suggested by heavenriver Featured by SaTaNiA
Spring by ~suiluj An interesting contrast between an almost monotone model and the colored background.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
SILENCE _QHD by in3xplicit
cheerful insect by Yeden
~Yeden's cheerful insect is an intriguing little insect indeed! The bright saturation really makes this photograph pop, the colours lovely in their vivacity. It's great to see so much support of the subject through the surroundings so that there is further emphasis placed on the importance of even the smallest of details here.

Featured by 3wyl
Ghostbusters 12 page 17 by luisdelgado
Ghostbusters 12 page 17 is a fantastic collaboration by ~luisdelgado (colors) and `DapperDanSchoening (lines). The great execution from the pencil work up until the coloring is very amazing and the effects really show what the scene is all about.

Featured by jcroxas
Roman sunny days. by Shalinka
Roman sunny days. by *Shalinka is so full of life! you can feel the sun rays and feel the warmth.

Suggested by Spinal22 Featured by KovoWolf
YOU-cee: In My Arms, You're Home by YOU-cee
YOU-cee: In My Arms, You're Home by *YOU-cee features appealing colors, ornate detailing, and effective use of texture.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl