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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
The Adventure of Kiko by unfinishedtears
Willow the Unicorn Foal by SovaeArt
With an interesting pose and superb sculpting skills Willow the Unicorn Foal by ~Indigo-Ocean is full of life.

Featured by Astralseed
Maid of Life by Lapirin
Maid of Life by ~Lapirin

Suggested by arseniccatscratch Featured by pullingcandy
pack - 005 Orcas by thalija-STOCK
[Stock and Resources] A great pack of high-quality images for you to use in your work! pack - 005 Orcas by ~thalija-STOCK

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
minister by ~InkatMidnight

Suggested by UnspecifiedUnknown Featured by thorns
The Murder by rajewel
The Murder by ~rajewel

Suggested by ShadeofShinon Featured by Lyricanna
Paintball player by WalkingDreamsprod
When looking at this piece, one can really imagine it shown and used commercially, the execution simply superb. From the contrast between foreground and background, the pose and the atmosphere created overall, Paintball player by ~WalkingDreamsprod is potent in how effective it is.

Featured by 3wyl
Symbol-Butterfly3 by INDRIKoff
Symbol-Butterfly3 by ~INDRIKoff, just one picture from his intriguing serie.

Featured by STelari
A Little Bit Ruined by *linaket is warm and cold all at once, mixing dark feelings of loneliness with a hopeful sense of being.

Featured by Nichrysalis
Veon by Eyliant
Veon by *Eyliant features lovely, rich colors and simplistic-yet-effective compostion.

Suggested by xNyniel Featured by Miss-It-Girl
my wings by sinribbon
Tested by wind, ravaged by doubt, the ultimate resource for solace and protection: my wings; in Copic and Prismacolor markers from ~sinribbon.

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by SRaffa
On site or take away? 3 by *LEQUARK

Suggested by PEN-at-Work Featured by xbastex
coffee by ~DenisGoncharov An amazing way to spend a morning.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Faraway Glance by timber-cat
In Faraway Glance timber-cat reached an astonishing level of detail and depth, specially for pyrography.

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by Talty
Vatori Advanced Version by trejoeeee
Vatori Advanced Version by ~trejoeeee shows the most striking details, composition, play of light and imagination. A piece that really brings on the sense of darkness.

Featured by KovoWolf
Alignment by ArthurBlue
Dem Alptraum Herr werden by Konsumo
Dem Alptraum Herr werden by ~Konsumo is a great emotional piece of hand-drawn typography. Even tho it is written in German, you can feel the nightmare by looking at the words and how they look.

Suggested by Rutana Featured by pica-ae
A Dream of Passage by taikatiuku
A Dream of Passage by ~taikatiuku

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by Aeirmid
Orbeeze love by BlueColoursOfNature
Orbeeze love by *BlueColoursOfNature

Suggested by little-billie Featured by Kaz-D