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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Snake in Tree by ckoffler
Snake in Tree by ~koffler

Featured by SRudy
The Adventure of Kiko by unfinishedtears
Dem Alptraum Herr werden by Konsumo
Dem Alptraum Herr werden by ~Konsumo is a great emotional piece of hand-drawn typography. Even tho it is written in German, you can feel the nightmare by looking at the words and how they look.

Suggested by Rutana Featured by pica-ae
minister by ~InkatMidnight

Suggested by UnspecifiedUnknown Featured by thorns
Faraway Glance by timber-cat
In Faraway Glance timber-cat reached an astonishing level of detail and depth, specially for pyrography.

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by Talty
coffee by ~DenisGoncharov An amazing way to spend a morning.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Willow the Unicorn Foal by SovaeArt
With an interesting pose and superb sculpting skills Willow the Unicorn Foal by ~Indigo-Ocean is full of life.

Featured by Astralseed
my wings by sinribbon
Tested by wind, ravaged by doubt, the ultimate resource for solace and protection: my wings; in Copic and Prismacolor markers from ~sinribbon.

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by SRaffa
A Dream of Passage by taikatiuku
A Dream of Passage by ~taikatiuku

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by Aeirmid
Vatori Advanced Version by trejoeeee
Vatori Advanced Version by ~trejoeeee shows the most striking details, composition, play of light and imagination. A piece that really brings on the sense of darkness.

Featured by KovoWolf
Where is the White Rabbit? by zylanthe
Symbol-Butterfly3 by INDRIKoff
Symbol-Butterfly3 by ~INDRIKoff, just one picture from his intriguing serie.

Featured by STelari
A Little Bit Ruined by *linaket is warm and cold all at once, mixing dark feelings of loneliness with a hopeful sense of being.

Featured by Nichrysalis
Die drei Zinnen by Hendricbuenck
The Murder by rajewel
The Murder by ~rajewel

Suggested by ShadeofShinon Featured by Lyricanna
pack - 005 Orcas by thalija-STOCK
[Stock and Resources] A great pack of high-quality images for you to use in your work! pack - 005 Orcas by ~thalija-STOCK

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Veon by Eyliant
Veon by *Eyliant features lovely, rich colors and simplistic-yet-effective compostion.

Suggested by xNyniel Featured by Miss-It-Girl