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Sunday, November 18, 2012
Traveller. by xMEGALOPOLISx
The Snail Bride by alexandradawe
The Snail Bride by ~alexandradawe

Also suggested by =Inku-inku

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by STelari
Plushie Pattern Tutorial by NataliaVulpes
The suggester states "Simple and understandable explanation for something that sounds so difficult to the untrained hand. Personally, for me it is the most useful tutorial I've found this year!" Plushie Pattern Tutorial by ~NataliaSerrano

Suggested by SarlyneART Featured by Elandria
Sparks by AlvisHamilton
Suggester Says: With vibrant colours, warm lighting, and a whimsical atmosphere, this photograph possesses a childlike sense of wonder aided by the model ~kaikida
Sparks by ~AlvisHamilton

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by Kaz-D
Koi by janjohanes
Matters of considerable gravity amongst Koi; a stunning acrylic painting from ~johanelenbaas.

Suggested by AthenaTT Featured by SRaffa
viewmag dec III by ann-ko
forest road by VityaR83
forest road by ~VityaR83

Featured by SRudy
I Love My Nerdy Boyfriend by chibi-lilie
Wonderfully creative, I Love My Nerdy Boyfriend by *chibi-lilie depicts Olivia with her awesome portrayal of a message to her boyfriend. Not only is it colourful, it is also good to note that the focus rests on the doll, the most important aspect of this lovely piece.

Featured by 3wyl
Outer Sailor Scout Shot Glasses by AstroRobyn
Outer Sailor Scout Shot Glasses by ~AstroRobyn is a nostalgic collection painted in a challenging surface.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Talty
Exploration below by Rossipoo
Exploration below by ~Rossipoo

Suggesters Comments: "Mysterious and futuristic, a scene that attracts your attention immediately!"

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Circle of Night by katr14
The suggester said: With this wonderful piece Katrine was able to capture through a collage 4 views of a winter night. It's a stunning piece in color and execution.Circle of Night by ~katr14

Suggested by Jedimike Featured by Astralseed
American Star by paulobarrios
American Star by *paulobarrios

Suggested by TiaVon Featured by jcroxas
Pure + White Journal CSS by Gasara
Pure + White Journal CSS by =Gasara is a great example of a minimal skin that still gives the users plenty of options when writing their journal.

deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Installable Journal Skins

Featured by bradleysays
Cop in anxiety by mariashooter
Labyrinthe by Digithalie
Labyrinthe by *Apofun
Suggester words:"I have rarely seen such a detailed fractal artwork which has such a realistic yet surrealistic touch. I can't explain it better but I kinda feel this labyrinthe could actually exist somewhere, somehow. It's awesome and so bizarre to look at!"

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by SaTaNiA
Parallel Worlds by Avinna
Parallel Worlds by *Avinna

Suggested by KatorDecember Featured by Thiefoworld
Fatality by tadp0l3
Fatality by ~tadp0l3 is not rusty work - this is indeed very beautiful, the texture of the planet is smooth and the nebula with the bright stars is amazing. The added explosion (or) impact gives it a dynamic feel.

Featured by Infinite705
veteranhonda by arkantal
veteranhonda by ~arkantal

Suggested by palneera Featured by princepal
Jason Aaron Baca kc3950 by jasonaaronbaca
[Stock and Resources] Jason Aaron Baca kc3950 by ~jasonaaronbaca

Suggested by ErinM31 Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Shiner II by agnello99
Shiner II by ~agnello99

Featured by deshrubber
Werewolf by Neovirah
Werewolf is by ~WolfHowl10

Featured by KovoWolf
Cappadocia / Kapadokya / Kemerhan Cave Suites by anilync
Cappadocia / Kapadokya / Kemerhan Cave Suites by *anilync is an appealing example of commercial photography with an HDR twist. Who wouldn't want to stay in this gorgeous room?

Featured by RockstarVanity
Harmonie I by Isalline
Harmonie I by ~Isalline

Suggested by JohanBriend Featured by Aeirmid
The End#2 by pr13s7
The End#2 by ~pr13s7

Featured by pullingcandy
Exploring the cave 2 by lightandshape
Exploring the cave 2 by ~lightandshape I love the incredible painterly colors in this, and the beautiful use of light.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine