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Saturday, November 17, 2012
The Beautiful Rain by SophieRata
Big Banana Split by elliez1
Big Banana Split, an astonishing oil painting from ~elliez1. Make sure to check the rest of the beautiful gallery.

Featured by SRudy
Ninja Warrior by Grimgraphix
Great use of line art, colours and a subtle texture. Ninja Warrior by ~Grimgraphix

Suggested by Inna-Vjuzhanina Featured by ChewedKandi
[Stock & Resources] Snow White Stock by ~yale-stock

Suggested by eveningstars242 Featured by Elandria
Ninka by MaryaS
Ninka is a truly poignant photograph of a child whose natural essence is beautifully captured by ~MaryaS. Not only is the timing brilliant in contributing to this naturalness, the composition is also balanced and increases the overall profundity.

Suggested by Watersmoke Featured by 3wyl
Behind a Scene by Pixelrender
Behind a Scene by ~Pixelrender Who is real, who is not? Surreal scene which makes you look again, until you notice...

Featured by StamatisGR
Violet by jane-beata
Horizontal musings in Violet; ethereal watercolor portraiture from =jane-beata.

Featured by SRaffa
COUNTDOWN by Number-toi
COUNTDOWN by ~Number-toi

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by Thiefoworld
vis-a-vis by ~mandelbrat

Suggested by lecristal Featured by SaTaNiA
Classic Retro Vespa Girl by bedustreetart
Some scenes were just made to be captured on instant film. Classic Retro Vespa Girl by ~bedustreetart is one of them.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Dreamcatcher by AliquidLucis
Dreamcatcher by ~AliquidLucis is just exquisite both in beauty, execution and concept.

Suggested by StormAhead Featured by Kaz-D
Crossing the Sea by tiny-mint
Crossing the Sea by ~tiny-mint "Is a beautiful, imaginative picture filled with childlike innocence and cute details!"

Suggested by iingo Featured by sTiViA
Steampunk  header design by NekroXIII
Steampunk header design by *NekroXIII is a dynamic / attractive header design. Must visit the blog link for complete feel.

Featured by princepal
Haiku by BogdanBoev
Haiku by ~BogdanBoev

Suggested by lapis-lazuri Featured by IsacGoulart