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Friday, November 16, 2012
All Black by DougNZ
All Black by *DougNZ

Suggested by MARX77 Featured by StamatisGR
012 by Aemika
012 by ~Aemika features appealingly cold colors and great detailing.

Suggested by flouvl Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Metallica by Aku-Axel-Muukka
OMFA - Page 53 by Skailla
The suggester states, " I love the expressions and the colors. This is a very cool comic that would deserve the view." The story is incredibly cool and full of action. Plus the colors are a plus, making you feel the intensity of the whole point everytime you see the pages of this comic series. OMFA - Page 53 by *Skailla

Suggested by Azzedar-san Featured by jcroxas
Rothko by willko
"We assert that the subject is crucial
and only that subject matter is valid
which is tragic and timeless."

(Mark Rothko)

Rothko by ~willko

Suggested by KizukiTamura Featured by DpressedSoul
Fighting Stance by yayacosplay
The Dibella by sedge-s
The Dibella by ~sedge-s is one of many sculptures in this talented deviant's gallery.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Talty
HDRI and AO Tutorial - BASIC by grico316
Snow leopard VI by Parides
[Stock and Resources] Snow leopard VI by ~Parides

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Strawberries by mojoshirl
Strawberries looks absolutely scrumptious! In a natural setting, simply executed, ~mojoshirl captures these strawberries in a way that allows us to really focus on what is at hand here. A lovely shot indeed!

Featured by 3wyl
Temple Of The Sea by ArjenCalter
Temple Of The Sea by ~Fable-Of-Joy is a deep calming breath in photographic form. Enjoy!

Featured by RockstarVanity
The Pin. by Vertebra-p
The suggester said: This piece evokes powerful emotions. The colors and complexity are simply stunning. The Pin. by ~Vertebra-p

Suggested by Astrikos Featured by Astralseed
The Seizures by =RosaryOfSighsx is a quiet nod to those affected by epilepsy.

Featured by Nichrysalis by LisaMacNewton
Often a tricky subject to capture, by ~LisaMacNewton is a crisp, vibrant shot executed with technique and fantastic framing.

Featured by Kaz-D
A Real Basilisk by FriendFrog
Cathedral Knight reworked by GoldenDaniel
The Tower by PIXAMIGHT
The Tower by ~PIXAMIGHT

Suggested by lecristal Featured by SaTaNiA
La Serenissima by darkzizanie
The spirit of stained glass comes to Jack Kirby-esque life in the Venetian carnival sway of La Serenissima; an exquisite painting in acrylics from ~darkzizanie.

Suggested by Joh-Chan Featured by SRaffa
Spawn Concept Final by heineche
Last Chance by Stamga
Last Chance by *Stamga is simply eye catching! The colour is so vibrant whilst the brightness is not overpowering.

Featured by Infinite705