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Thursday, November 15, 2012
Dali by Curiosa37
Dali by *Curiosa37

Featured by SRudy
Newland Street by markhosmer
An appointment with destiny on Newland Street; oil on panel from ~markhosmer.

Suggested by Bishton Featured by SRaffa
Delusions by vonsac
Delusions by ~Isaay

Suggested by Filterkaffee Featured by DpressedSoul
I'm not a nerd. by andreachichizola
Seashore by iisjahstock
[Stock and Resources] Seashore by ~iisjahstock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Bodies of Attraction by Paul-Ashby
Bodies of Attraction by *Paul-Ashby

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by deshrubber
Still Life by zaidoigres
Still Life by ~zaidoigres

Suggested also by =tanathe

Suggested by oliviou-krakus Featured by Thiefoworld
Maps v2 by raevynewings
Maps v2 by ~raevynewings

Featured by STelari
bear by slatkatajna
bear by ~slatkatajna

Featured by IsacGoulart
poisoned garden by WonderMilkyGirl
Viaje Astral by ChencoIlufi
Viaje Astral by ~ChencoIlufi is such a beautiful artwork that portrays the whole thought of the story about traveling around other worlds in a dream. With each page artistically thought and wonderfully drawn, you can just stare at the glorious imagination present from all the pages of this ongoing comic project.

Featured by jcroxas
chroma by ~SolarumNyx is a wonderful torrent of imagery.

Suggested by Kymira12 Featured by neurotype
* by neuzheli
* by ~neuzheli is the result of a foggy day, beautifully textured paper, cyanotype printing and a little bit of magic.

Suggested by Filterkaffee Featured by RockstarVanity
.*.*.*. by thon94rt
The suggester says, "This photograph is a cocktail of texture, light, and shadow that combine to create a beautifully moody portrait."

.*.*.*. by ~thon94rt

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by 3wyl
Lil girl by OlivierAccart
Lil girl by *OlivierAccart Suggester says: "Magical and surreal, Olivier opens us up to that same sense of wonder the little girl may have experienced herself while dancing in the water. How many of us have ever wanted to walk through a cloud?"

Suggested by 1pen Featured by StamatisGR
Defective Collective by MrAries23
Defective Collective by ~MrAries23

Suggested by lecristal Featured by SaTaNiA
Landscape 7 by huginswarrior
[Stock & Resources] Landscape 7 by ~huginswarrior

Featured by Elandria
Steampunk Makabo by Iantoy
Steampunk Makabo by ~Iantoy

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by KovoWolf
Fairy and witch apprentice by kamipallet
Suggested by many, Fairy and witch apprentice by ~kamipallet

Featured by sTiViA
Rudawy Janowickie 8 by PawelJG
Suggester Says: The gradient of intensity in color is paralleled with proximity. This, including the winding golden lined trees and mist, create a surreal scene, beautiful and mystifying.
Rudawy Janowickie 8 by ~PawelJG

Suggested by L0NE-W0lf Featured by Kaz-D
Seasons Painter by Akimiya
Seasons Painter by *Akimiya conveys its concept beautifully with its warm palette and soft coloring.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Addiction by dah-ni
The suggester said: This is a really striking piece which will touch all artists. Addiction by ~dah-ni

Suggested by RubisFirenos Featured by Astralseed
Boy. is a poem that punches the reader with that first line and leaves them out of breath for the entirety of the experience. The writer, *JakesException is someone not to be glanced over or underestimated. A lot of us could stand to learn a thing or two from his gallery full of work that has a mentality of 'in your face and deal with it' badassery.

Featured by Nichrysalis
Lady Snow by geometric-harmartia
The suggester writes that Snow Queen by ~sarede is "a beautiful piece of art from an aspiring young artist in our community!"

Suggested by morbid-angelic Featured by Aeirmid
382 by crelight
382 by ~crelight

Suggested by keyan3d Featured by DistortedSmile
Snow White Moleskin Sketchbook: SOLD by Newsha-Ghasemi