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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Schwabacher's by michael-dalberti
The suggester said: Nature, whichever the representation of its gender may be, is our source of life. If we estrange ourselves from the roots, we'll definitely wither and disturb the universal equilibrium. Mother Earth, Father Time by ~benke33

Suggested by PutYourBraveFaceOn Featured by Astralseed
diagonal people by Igor-Demidov
diagonal people by ~Igor-DemidovSuggester says: "This image speaks on a number of levels - the people's interactions, the patterns in the stones. It all comes together in something that is quite special, and a little different from the average 'quirky' street shot."

Suggested by AfricanObserver Featured by StamatisGR
Barachiel by Dan-Harding
Barachiel by *Dan-Harding

Featured by STelari
DEMON KINGS 1.02-03 by theCEOofDEATH
The suggester states, "This is the opening spread of DEMON KINGS 1.02-03 by *theCEOofDEATH. There's an amazing attention to detail, and the artist holds up to that level of detail in every piece that he does. He does great work in color, too, but as for me, I could stare at his inks all day."

Suggested by shellpresto Featured by jcroxas
Thu by sinvia
Thu by =sinvia

Featured by deshrubber
Symposium Magarum by BlackKrogoth
Symposium Magarum by ~BlackKrogoth

Suggested by KStipetic Featured by pullingcandy
Linear Coil by milleniumsentry
Even 3 years after ~milleniumsentry submit Linear Coil, i'm still amaze by the beauty and the simplicity of this shape and by the strenght of this fractal.

Suggested by LaraBLN Featured by SaTaNiA
ExperienZ by Kryseis-Art
In ExperienZ by *Kryseis-Retouche, the artist demonstrates great skills with lighting and composition. Also suggested by =MaliciaRoseNoire.

Suggested by eerilyfair Featured by Aeirmid
Caramel Popcorn by maytel
Caramel Popcorn by =maytel was also suggested by ^Talty

Featured by Kaz-D
How about a battle with me? by MieuChan
How about a battle with me? by ~MieuChan a nice variety of animation and fresh style make this a refreshing and engaging piece of pixel fan art.

Suggested by chubird Featured by ClefairyKid
HDR-photo-1 by Louis-photos
HDR-photo-1 by ~Louis-photos uses HDR processing to enhance an almost overwhelming sense of detail and delightful clutter!

Featured by RockstarVanity
In The Studio by Seyorrol
In The Studio by ~Seyorrol

Suggested by Inku-inku Featured by KovoWolf
Dark Blue Wall Texture by Limited-Vision-Stock
[Stock and Resources] Dark Blue Wall Texture by *Limited-Vision-Stock

Suggested by thalija-STOCK Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Platinum Fireworks 2011 - 01 by HariNgDuga
It is amazing to see different kinds of fireworks all synchronised together in their explosion as shown in this glorious piece. Platinum Fireworks 2011 - 01 by ~HariNgDuga portrays the festive mood and the celebratory occasion in great focus and intensity.

Featured by 3wyl
Rainbows and Shit by DoseOner
Rainbows and Shit by *DoseOner "unique style, good color combination, nice shading and effects make this graffiti deserve a DD"

Suggested by Ricardo-Rick Featured by kiwi-pdd
Valentinas dress 4 by A68Stock
[Stock & Resources] Valentinas dress 4 by ~A68Stock

Featured by Elandria
Deep Couture by Isabelle-faith
The Willow Story by Lisam1618
The Willow Story by ~Lisam1618 Download for glorious full view of all the details.

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by Talty
field by t-a-t-k-a
Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height...
field; luminous watercolors from ~t-a-t-k-a.

Featured by SRaffa
Travel through the mirror by Kenneos
Travel through the mirror by *Kenneos is a whimsical piece with bright, beautiful colors. Also suggested by *Minato-Kushina

Suggested by Melonchu Featured by Miss-It-Girl