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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Yenya by LindelCaine
Yenya by *LindelCaine

Featured by xbastex
A break on the journey by Murfish
The diversity of the emotions, poses and the different characteristics of the drawn characters in A brake on the journey by ~Murfish made this artwork stand out. Plus, you'll surely enjoy the warm feeling from the choice of colors used, and the details are grand.

Featured by jcroxas
Ascend to Oblivion by jfe
A beautiful design with fine vector texture detailing and great line art. Ascend to Oblivion by ~jfe

Featured by ChewedKandi
Calendar Girls 04 by danielescale
Though *danielescale's Calendar Girls 04 is pretty bright, it fits well with the overall mood and purpose of this piece. It's great to see a commercial photograph so well constructed and presented, the compilation of both objects and subjects making it evocative indeed.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by 3wyl
KOA EXCHANGE 2012 by ohprocrastinator
hypostatize by NWunseen
hypostatize by *NWunseen

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by Kaz-D
yrgainesse uppunud kuuloom by Ferruti
Stumble by MoMoJaH
Stumble by ~MoMoJaH is a stunning piece with extensive detailing and great use of perspective.

Suggested by ilolamai Featured by Miss-It-Girl
dALanguages Concept by TRlCKS
The suggester says, "dALanguages Concept by `TRlCKS is an amazing visual suggestion which would make browsing deviantART a much easier experience for a lot of people whose primary language isn't English!"

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Suggested by fritsenator Featured by bradleysays
I'll wait, Dad by splendidofsun
I'll wait, Dad by ~splendidofsunA little overequipped girl with a funny, cute expression which contrasts the bright colors of her surroundings. It's hard to wait, when one is a kid.

Featured by StamatisGR
Vikings' ship by Dracona666STOCK
[Stock and Resources] Vikings' ship by ~Dracona666STOCK

Suggested by tsubasacompany-stock Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Cybercat by ZoranPhoto
The vibrant colours of this wallpaper Cybercat by *ZoranPhoto are gorgeous. The cat is pretty intense but cute at the same time! I love how the whole piece has been created - very well done.

Featured by Infinite705
Kiel V2 by tsunoh
Kiel V2 by ~tsunoh

Suggested by Silver-MoonNight Featured by Lyricanna
Can You See Me? by Dew-Sama
Our most vulnerable citizens, imperiled: Can You See Me? In watercolors, pastel, poster paint, ink, and pencil, from ~Dew-Sama.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
TARDIS Chocolate/Trinket Box by aria-arissa
Autumn Delight by Kaya-Snapdragon
Autumn Delight by *Kaya-Snapdragon shows us how to be free in our life!

Suggested by LilyxChip02 Featured by KovoWolf
field of poppys by Sceptre63
[Stock & Resources] field of poppys by *Sceptre63 This may not be Flanders, but these poppies are just as beautiful and perfect for any artwork that honors our fallen heroes.

Featured by Elandria
Marsh by Jon-Foster
Marsh by *Jon-Foster-TAD

Suggested by milyKnight Featured by Thiefoworld
.: Te m p t a t i o N :. by J-u-d-a-s
.: Te m p t a t i o N :. by `J-u-d-a-s features great lighting and composition, a treat for the eye that tells a compelling story.

Suggested by Flobelebelebobele Featured by Aeirmid
The War for Jupiter by makepeaceart
The War for Jupiter by *makepeaceart
Suggester words:"This picture includes all the great basics of fractal art. Style , interesting and atmospheric composition and execution of surrealism."

Suggested by KPEKEP Featured by SaTaNiA