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Sunday, November 11, 2012
Things Change by ~NoQuestions The suggester writes, "This is so simple, but so effective. The image it calls up in six words is striking."

Suggested by SilverInkblot Featured by thorns
.White.Spell. by laichro
.White.Spell. by ~laichro is a stunning traditional piece with a lovely monochrome color palette and beautiful details.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Iwona by ZzaniazZ
Iwona by ~ZzaniazZ

Suggested by Kendra-Paige Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
: Liepard : by =Daria--Arbuz

Suggested by neurotype Featured by KovoWolf
RustyHead by DrDrum666
RustyHead by ~DrDrum666 is a great example of how HDR processing, combined with an unusual subject, can create a truly unique image.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Home by the sea. by Moosiatko
animal 13 by Dark-Wolfs-Stock
[Stock and Resources] animal 13 by ~Dark-Wolfs-Stock

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
poppy field by photoflake
poppy field by ~photoflake

Featured by Kaz-D
-Coque- Cover by ODRE
A red bow of ribbon for a stimulating day; -Coque- Cover by ~ODRE.

Suggested by VooDooDollMaster Featured by SRaffa
Duel of the Fates by Sandman-AC
Duel of the Fates by *Sandman-AC

Suggested by Marivel87 Featured by pullingcandy
Ore Haulers by J-Humphries
Ore Haulers by ~Vonmurder

Suggester Comments: "Ore Haulers" is well-composed and makes excellent use of lighting. It evokes nostalgia in people who have visited major shipping ports, and is also reminiscent of strong works of speculative fiction that explore changes to industry through advances in technology."

Suggested by Ofidian Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Thank you for the new outfit! by Eludys
~Eludys's Thank you for the new outfit! is not only well framed, but provocative in its depth too. The concept calls up a sense of profound reflection and the colour of the setting grounds that effectively.

Featured by 3wyl
Get Em Boyy by =DommiFox is a very imaginative piece of art about children's playful imagination, with cute characters, lovely coloring and with a solid and fun story behind it.

Featured by jcroxas
doblar de nuevo by ~WPphotos A beautiful classic art nude of an incredibly fit and lovely model.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Meow by SorenWrang
Meow by ~SorenWrang

Suggested by PutYourBraveFaceOn Featured by DpressedSoul
'Its Like Riding a Bicycle' by JohnPatience
A magical work of art filled with vivid colors and scenery certain to put a smile on your face. "Its Like Riding a Bicycle" by *MonsieurFantasy

Suggested by SeaSpryte Featured by Astralseed
Live Laugh Love Henna by flowerwills
Live Laugh Love Henna by ~flowerwills A contemporary design that showcases the wonderful texture of fresh henna paste.

Featured by Battledress
STOCK- Free Stock Pack No.1 - Droplets by IIIustrathor
[Stock & Resources] STOCK- Free Stock Pack No.1 - Droplets by *IIIustrathor

Featured by Elandria
Poppy by borysbrytva
Poppy by ~borysbrytva

Suggested by UnicornReality Featured by Talty
Memories last forever by LadFree
The suggester writes, "Memories last forever by ~LadFree is a great piece, very original, creative and well done! Deserves a DD!"

Suggested by Dani-Owergoor Featured by Aeirmid