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Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Deer in the headlights v by jonjacobsen
Fireworks by abrahams-david
Suggester Says: Fireworks by ~abrahams-david is a stunning show of fire and lights playing off the spectacular achitecture of the National Stadium in Costa Rica! A fantastic capture of a historic moment in time.

Suggested by WhenPigsFry Featured by Kaz-D
Cold hearted by Rowie-Ann
Thoughts crystallized, Cold hearted; watercolor, gel pen, and silver paper, with a Photoshop finish, from ~RowieRainbow.
(Suggested by =Natalia-Luz and *ICanReachTheStars)

Featured by SRaffa
Hello winter! by milkshakePowerrr
A curious mixture of Autumn and Winter, Hello winter! is a magnificent photograph, the colour so vibrant in amongst the blanket of snow. What makes this especially expressive is the excellence in execution, the large eyes and the emotion conveyed to us as ~milkshakePowerrr's sister, Meda, curves the branch and obscures her features.

Featured by 3wyl
:favbomb: by Cmotes
:favbomb: by =Cmotes is a very smoothly animated and fun emoticon! Suggested by several deviants.

Suggested by Quolia Featured by ChaosEmeraldHunter
Vista by BLPH
This landscape Vista by ~BLPH is so gorgeous I could just look at it everyday.

Featured by Infinite705
Sanz neon better pic by SANS-01-2-MHC-BS
Hundred acre wood hike by Hesstoons
*Hesstoons managed to bring a great balance between the original style and his own artistic style in Hundred acre wood hike and the happy mood is really present in the wise choice of vibrant colors, excellent background use and the whole gang of Winnie the Pooh.

Featured by jcroxas
The Idol by ~PlagueJester Suggester writes: An incredible story reminiscent of Lovecraftian horror and mystery which leaves you wanting more.

Suggested by MartinSilvertant Featured by BeccaJS
Sugar Plum Fairy by Yoann-Lossel
Dreaming of White Wolves by Lupinicious
Worry - wait 24 by zedka
Worry - wait 24 by ~zedkaSuggester says: "I like the touch of tension in this photo, it makes you wonder what is happening, why the woman is on the ground without a shoe. Is she looking for the prince who is going to bring it to her?"

Suggested by TheStreetSweeper Featured by StamatisGR
Magica Siena by andreuccettiart
The suggester said: Vivacious, optimistic and very unique style, his works are touching and inviting. Magica Siena by *andreuccetti

Suggested by jane-beata Featured by Astralseed
Party by stevethepocket
Party by ~OctanBearcat

Featured by princepal
Batgirl by danielmchavez
Batgirl by ~danielmchavez

Featured by Lyricanna
Elect him by tRiBaLmArKiNgS
Elect him by ~tRiBaLmArKiNgS

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Featured by bradleysays
Nicole portrait bw by Boas73
Nicole portrait bw by *Boas73

Suggested by CarmenVeloso Featured by DistortedSmile
Godzilla by Alephunky
Godzilla by ~Alephunky

Suggested by Seraxoxo Featured by DemonMathiel