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Friday, June 01, 2012
invictus by ceruleanvii
invictus by *ceruleanvii is rendered to perfection - the anatomy and skintones are just amazing. Stunning, uplifting work.

Featured by alicexz
Rain Down by eKBS
A wonderful example of still life photography - to be amazed even further take a peek behind the scenes too! Rain Down by ~eKBS

Suggested by Savaliste Featured by Kaz-D
The Flock by weremagnus
The Flock by ~weremagnus harbors such a great array of detail, unique composition and beautiful use of highlights, shading and simple colors!

Featured by KovoWolf
Lake in squares. by incredi
Lake in squares. by *incredi

Artist also suggested by =TheAppleScientist

Suggested by dragonfly-oli Featured by DpressedSoul
Feline Encounter by isangkutsarangmoe
Feline Encounter by *isangkutsarangmoe

Suggested by scarypet Featured by kit-y
Eden by sodacrush
Eden by *sodacrush

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by FrockTarts
Flamin-go by Verismaya
Passionate outpourings, universal and corpuscular; Flamin-go; radiant watercolors from ~Verismaya.

Suggested by Amberrant Featured by SRaffa
Live Painting Old Brown Jug by famouswhendead
muse of the artist by AmuroWolf
muse of the artist by *AmuroWolf

Suggested by Q-Le Featured by Astralseed
nyanko-sensei by deliciosaBerry
The suggester says: "I really like this icon because it is so deceptively simple and adorable. Static icons are wonderful too!"
nyanko-sensei by =deliciosaBerry

Suggested by rioIu Featured by Hardrockangel
Glistening Feathers by isotophoto
Glistening Feathers by *isotophoto

Suggested by MagicnaAnavi Featured by trevg
Horizon by NeipyPien
Horizon by =NeipyPien I love how this can tell a very interesting story.

Featured by MzzAzn
FinalFantasyType-0 by ta1ght5
The Mockingbird Song is not your average bedtime story which makes sense, as *katytowell, is not your average artist.

Featured by Moonbeam13
Poison Ivy by KodoqKatie
Poison Ivy by ~KodoqKatie

Suggested by dreamsinstatic Featured by DistortedSmile
mondo: toy story by strongstuff
mondo: toy story by *strongstuff is a wonderful tribute to Disney's Toy Story movies, starring all of the main characters, and I'm just loving that colour palette!

Suggested by AFineWar Featured by DomiSM
WATER MAN by Sylwia77
The suggester writes, "WATER MAN by =Sylwia77 is creative, funny, and technically exceptionally well done. Not only is it extremely difficult to create a convincing water piece, but this example shows the complexity of water used in an artwork." - Also suggested by `Endorell-Taelos.

Suggested by simoneheld Featured by Aeirmid
Superboy and His Girl by Agathalizz
Superboy and His Girl by *Agathalizz is a wonderfully taken diptych that elicits the reaction, 'Aww...'. The look of scepticism on this little girl's face at first goes so well when she leans in to kiss 'Superboy' on the chin, both just missing each other's lips but making this piece so very cute overall!

Featured by 3wyl
The Sea of Tea by Xamag
The Sea of Tea by *Xamag

Suggested by Bummerdude Featured by Negatic
polypoids by nemitode
polypoids by *nemitode

Suggested by psion005 Featured by SuicideBySafetyPin
Skull Kid High Detail Custom Doll by SadDaysCrochet
Skull Kid High Detail Custom Doll by ~SadDaysCrochet is just one of the intricate pieces in this Deviants gallery, one to keep an eye on.

Suggested by craftyhanako Featured by UnicornReality
Mommy told to burn it... by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Demon by syda-ginger
Demon by *syda-ginger

Suggested by TheAppleScientist Featured by pullingcandy
Nature's Beauty by Kyoumei
Nature's Beauty by ~Kyoumei A whimsical piece featuring an array of gorgeous colors and an abundance of detail. Also suggested by =sTiViA

Suggested by Kuraiko-kyun Featured by Miss-It-Girl
I Am Empty by ChuuStar
I Am Empty by ~ChuuStar

Suggested by Nee-to Featured by nasakii